CRUD Processing for DataContext

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  Public classUpdatecommitteebll:bllbaseex {/// <summary>        ///Request キー-Committee/// </summary>         Public Const stringRequest_key_committee ="Db_committee_register_committee"; /// <summary>        ///Request キー- participants/// </summary>         Public Const stringRequest_key_attendee ="Db_committee_register_attenndee"; /// <summary>        ///Return to キー-Committee no/// </summary>         Public Const stringResponse_key_committee_no ="Db_committee_register_committee_no"; /// <summary>        ///         /// </summary>        /// <returns></returns>        protected Overridedictionary<string,Object>Perform () {DateTime now=DateTime.Now; Tbaams_committee Committee= Request[request_key_committee] astbaams_committee; List<RESULT_ATTENDEE> ATTENDEE = Request[request_key_attendee] asList<result_attendee>; Tbaams_committee result= ( fromRowinchDatacontext.tbaams_committeewhereRow.committee_no = =Committee.committee_noSelectrow).            FirstOrDefault (); //Members ' Committee            if(Result = =NULL)            {                //Noboribetsu Registration HishinumaCommittee.committee_no =Applicationbllutility.generatecommitteeno (DataContext); Committee. HOLD_INFORM_FLG='0'; Committee. PROGRAM_INFORM_FLG='0'; Committee. DISCUSSION_RESULT_INFORM_FLG='0'; Committee. DEL_FLG='0'; Committee. Ins_userid= This.                STAFFINFO.STFCD; Committee. Ins_ip= This.                Staffinfo.ip; Committee. Ins_date=Now ; Committee. Upd_userid= This.                STAFFINFO.STFCD; Committee. Upd_ip= This.                Staffinfo.ip; Committee. Upd_date=Now ; Datacontext.tbaams_committee.            InsertOnSubmit (Committee); }            Else            {                //Update Hishinuma Manager//Exclusive Hishinuma チェック                if(result.) Upd_ip = =Committee. Upd_ip&& result. Upd_userid = =Committee. Upd_userid&& result. Upd_date = =Committee. upd_date) {result. Hold_date=Committee.                    Hold_date; Result. Hold_place=Committee.                    Hold_place; Result. Start_time=Committee.                    Start_time; Result. End_time=Committee.                    End_time; Result. REMARKS=Committee.                    REMARKS; Result. Upd_userid= This.                    STAFFINFO.STFCD; Result. Upd_ip= This.                    Staffinfo.ip; Result. Upd_date=Now ; }                Else                {                    //Exclusive エラー                    Throw NewException (Messages.ERROR013.Replace ("{0}","Members ' Committee")); }            }            //Participants (Delete-insert)List<tbaars_committee_attendee> Resdel = ( fromDelrowinchDatacontext.tbaars_committee_attendeewhereDelrow.committee_no = =Committee.committee_noSelectdelrow).            ToList (); Datacontext.tbaars_committee_attendee.            Deleteallonsubmit (Resdel); foreach(Result_attendee Insrowinchattendee) {                if(INSROW.ATTENDEE_FLG. Equals ('1') {Tbaars_committee_attendee Insattendee=NewTbaars_committee_attendee (); Insattendee.committee_no=Committee.committee_no; Insattendee.stf_code=Insrow.stf_code; INSATTENDEE.DEL_FLG='0'; Insattendee.ins_userid= This.                    STAFFINFO.STFCD; Insattendee.ins_ip= This.                    Staffinfo.ip; Insattendee.ins_date=Now ; Insattendee.upd_userid= This.                    STAFFINFO.STFCD; Insattendee.upd_ip= This.                    Staffinfo.ip; Insattendee.upd_date=Now ; Datacontext.tbaars_committee_attendee.                InsertOnSubmit (Insattendee); }} Dictionary<string,Object> response =Newdictionary<string,Object>(); Response.            ADD (Response_key_committee_no, committee.committee_no); returnresponse; }        protected Override voidValidate () {Base.            Validate (); Tbaams_committee Committee= Request[request_key_committee] astbaams_committee; List<RESULT_ATTENDEE> ATTENDEE = Request[request_key_attendee] asList<result_attendee>; Messageexception ex=Newmessageexception (); //Reminder Day//must チェック            if(String.IsNullOrEmpty (committee. Hold_date)) {ex. Messages.add (string. Format (messages.error001,"Reminder Day")); }            //Start the field.//must チェック            if(String.IsNullOrEmpty (committee. Hold_place)) {ex. Messages.add (string. Format (messages.error001,"Start the field.")); }            //hours//former チェック            if(!string. IsNullOrEmpty (committee. start_time) &&!string. IsNullOrEmpty (committee. End_time)) {if(!Checkutility.checktimebigandsmall (committee. Start_time. Split (':')[0], committee. Start_time. Split (':')[1], committee. End_time. Split (':')[0], committee. End_time. Split (':')[1]) {ex. Messages.add ("the beginning of time と finally Shimonoseki relationship が is しくありません. "); }            }            //attended by//members attended by occupies 1 でも participants がいるかをチェック            varCHK = ( fromRowinchattendeewhereRow. ATTENDEE_FLG = ='1'&& (row. Role_code = =Role.committee. Value|| Row. Role_code = =Role.chairperson. Value)Selectrow).            ToList (); if(CHK. Count = =0) {ex. Messages.add (string. Format (Messages.ERROR010.Replace ('が','も'),"attended by 1 members of the Committee が")); }            if(ex. Messages.count! =0)            {                Throwex; }        }    }
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CRUD Processing for DataContext

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