Cryptographic algorithm Notes

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Encryption algorithm: MD5, SHA,Des,aes,idea,RSA, BlowFish

One: one-way hashing algorithm

One-way hashing algorithm: 1. The hash algorithm, which compresses the message queue of any length into a fixed-length function,

2. The process is irreversible, just a one-way process,

3. Including Md5,sha,n-hash,

MD5: Message digest algorithm , the input of any length of the operation of the message, resulting in a 128-bit message digest.

SHA: Secure hashing algorithm , sha-1,sha-256,sha-384,sha-512

Two: Symmetric encryption algorithm

1. encryption key and decryption key are identical

2. Encryption security relies on the secrecy of the secret key , not the confidentiality of the algorithm

3. symmetric packet encryption algorithm :Des,aes, Idea,TWOFISH,BLOWFISH,RC4 (stream password)

4. Stream Password: RC4 is a pseudo-random stream that generates a key stream

Three: Public secret key encryption algorithm ( public key algorithm ) (asymmetric encryption algorithm )

1. Encryption and decryption using different keys,

2. Encryption using: Public key

3. Decryption using: Private key

RSA: A public key system based on factorization problem

DSA: Digital Signature Algorithm

Elgamal: Public-key Cryptography and signature system based on discrete logarithm

ECC: Elliptic Curve cipher coding

DSA, ECC, Elgamal, Knapsack,

Four: Other algorithms

CRC32: Cyclic redundancy check

Base64: Encode binary data to display numbers and letters for transferring non-textual data such as graphics and sounds, faxes, etc.

Cryptographic algorithm Notes

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