Crystal Report 11.5

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Crystal Report 11.5 usage summary:
1. Download
Crystal Reports 11.5 multi-language edition 

2. Installation Number
The number of the expert version is circulated on the Internet and cannot be integrated into vs. net. The number of the dev development version must be used:

3. Registration is required after installation:

4. Download the client release package during release:
Http:// Download three release packages:
1、 module required for publishing. Net winform
2、 module required for ASP. NET release what modules are required for remote control?

5. What to do during release:
Add the module to the solution. There are many attributes, and the last keycode is written to the license. Here we provide one:


6. Is export and printing invalid when publishing under ASP. NET?
No need to write during exportCodeIs equivalent to re-generating a new page during export, passing parameters and other Code cannot be placed! Ispostback.

7. When the project is aggregated, is there an error in the CS corresponding to RPT?
Delete all the CS files corresponding to RPT, right-click on RPT, and select the corresponding tool for generation. The corresponding CS file will be generated again.
8. Why does ASP. NET error occur when you use crystal report 11.5?

The most common cause is the Indexing Service. The solution is to disable the indexing service, or configure the temporary directory of not to be affected by the Indexing Service.

To configure the temporary directory of not affected by the Indexing Service, follow these steps:

1. Start-management tools-Computer Management (similar to other operating systems in win2003)
2. Expand "services and applications" in the left-side tree of Computer ManagementProgram"Node, expand the" Index Service "node under it, expand the" System "node under it, and expand the" directory "node under it.
3. On the right of Computer Management, we can see the configured index service directory.
4. Right-click the "directory" node and choose "New"> "directory"
5. In the "add directory" dialog box, enter the temporary file directory of in the input box. The default value is:
C: \ Microsoft. NET \ framework \ temporary ASP. NET Files directory.
The. NET version you want to process.
6. Is it included in the index ?" Select "no"
7. Click OK.
8. Right-click the "Index Service" node and restart the Index Service.

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