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Now I have no time to play CS, but I am passionate about it from time to time. I remember the time when I was passionate with my brothers!

Sometimes a cs1.6 F has a very poor trajectory, and firearms are very difficult to use -_-!. In fact, the impact of network parameters on the trajectory of firearms is very large:


Ex_interp 0 (keep as 0 at all times)
Rate 20000 (fine-tuned until no choke exists. Generally, 20000 is suitable, and higher than 20000 is meaningless ?)
Cl_cmdrate 105 (fine-tuned, net_graph 3 observes choke)
Cl_updaterate 101 (starting with 101, gradually decreasing, net_graph 1 observation, until the yellow dot line is very small, 30 possible values)



The number of times the cl_cmdrate client sends data to the server per second.


Ideally, this value should be equal to the server's FPS value, not the client's FPS. Set it to 105 first, check whether choke (net_graph 3) is available, and gradually decrease so that choke is reduced.

The starting value of cl_cmdrate can be larger, such as 300 and 400. However, the larger the value of cl_cmdrate, the larger the occupied bandwidth will directly affect the ping value. This requires a trade-off between cl_cmdrate and Ping.

If cl_cmdrate is set to a smaller value than the FPS value of the client, a straight line consisting of small red points will be generated at the bottom of net_graph 2. Generally, it is better to 5 higher than the FPS value of your own client, which will ensure that the client sends more data to the server as much as possible. So we got 105.


The number of times the client receives data from the server per second.
Ideally, this value should be equal to the server FPS value and cannot exceed sv_maxupdaterate. However, apart from the server op, we cannot know the sv_maxupdaterate value. The default value of sv_maxupdaterate for many servers is 30. Therefore, we first set the default value of cl_updaterate to 101, and then net_graph 1 to check whether there are many yellow dots generated. If yes, it indicates that the current cl_updaterate value is greater than the sv_maxupdaterate value on the server side. That is, the number of data packets received by the client is larger than that sent by the server, CS can only be predicted through the prediction engine. The more predictions, the more inaccurate the whole.

Then gradually decrease the value of cl_updaterate until the yellow dot line is few or even disappears. Note that ex_interp 0 must be kept in this process.

Because some servers use sv_maxupdaterate, the default value is 30. Therefore, cl_updaterate 30 is the best.



Interpolate indicates interpolation. The interval between two packets sent by the server becomes a vacuum period. During this vacuum period, the prediction engine of the client program will deduce the data (location) to be used to display based on the data (such as location) of the preceding data packets ).
Ex_interp is the interval between two consecutive data packets, measured in seconds.

Always ex_interp 0

Ex_interp = 1/cl_updaterate. When ex_interp 0, it indicates that the program calculates ex_interp Based on cl_updaterate. This value is the most accurate.


Rate is the maximum number of bytes that the server can send to the client per second.

We will gradually increase the rate until there is no choke. Generally, 20000 is suitable. It is said that setting it to 20000 or more makes no sense.

Fine-tune the cl_updaterate script:

// Updaterate cycle script

// Information
// Cycles updaterate from 101 to 30 in a loop.
// Everytime you press the bound key, your cl_updaterate is decreased by 10.

// Usage
// 1. Put updaterate. cfg in your cstrike dir.
// 2. Bind a key to updatexx.
// 3. Type exec updaterate. cfg in Console (or put it in your autoexec. cfg or userconfig. cfg ).

Bind J "updatexx"

Alias updatexx "update101"
Alias update101 "cl_updaterate 101; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update90"
Alias update90 "cl_updaterate 90; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update80"
Alias update80 "cl_updaterate 80; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update70"
Alias update70 "cl_updaterate 70; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update60"
Alias update60 "cl_updaterate 60; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update50"
Alias update50 "cl_updaterate 50; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update40"
Alias update40 "cl_updaterate 40; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update30"
Alias update30 "cl_updaterate 30; ex_interp 0; alias updatexx update101"



Http://www.gotfrag.com/cs/story/30057? Spage = 2




It is interesting to discuss the cs1.6 trajectory post in the steam Forum:

Http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php? T = 781721


I went to this post and found a post posted on the sk-gaming Forum. A student named "spleen" said that they found the root cause of cs1.6 poor trajectory, is "client. DLL. DLL replaces the file in cs1.6 and solves the problem of poor trajectory:


There is no sound in CS (sound is small:


First, make sure that the microphone is not muted:

First, display the microphone volume option: double-click the small speaker, option-attribute, and hook "microphone volume ". It is not muted.

Double-click the speaker and select "microphone enhancement ". After that, the microphone in CS is very loud and the effect is very obvious!

Cs1.6 "cannot join the host server to obtain the Server LIST ":

The reason is that you cannot connect to the steam server in the United States to obtain the list, and the IP list file is platform \ config \ masterservers. VDF. We only need to update the latest IP address list. Go to the following website to update the latest IP Address: http://css.setti.info/masterserver/masterserver-instructions/

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