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The first mobile development ranking of the csdn blog was successfully completed. Congratulations to all the listed users. To continue to demonstrate the mobile development direction, you can discover potential stars and provide a platform for blog users who want to learn about mobile development,Starting from the second mobile development ranking of the csdn blog. We will invite senior experts from the csdn blog channel to participate in the selection. At the same time, the winners have the opportunity to become special lecturers and club administrators of the csdn mobile developer club. More bloggers are welcome to write blog posts and post comments. Write out the highlights and comment out the momentum! (Remember to select a category when posting a blog.) Hurry up! We will launch rankings in different fields one after another,Coming soon......


[Activity time] from January 1, April 26-20, 2013 to January 1, May 26


Selected guests

 Top 10 mobile development rankings in Phase II:


[Ranking rules]

Original tabulation: During the activity, extract the largest number of bloggers who have published the most original articles in the mobile development category.

Recommendation list: During the activity, the articles were recommended to the top Bloggers of the [csdn homepage blog selection] and [blog channel excellent blog recommendations.
Popularity list: The largest number of original article views published in the mobile development category during the activity.

Comment list: Ranking of users with the most comments in mobile development blogs during the activity.

To ensure the quality of the rankings, we will invite senior experts from the blog channel and csdn senior editors for weight debugging and participate in the selection of the top 10.

Note:In the event of malicious reprinting of articles, refreshing traffic, malicious bumping during comments, and other violations, the user will be punished accordingly and disqualified from the competition. The final interpretation right for this event is owned by the csdn blog channel. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can directly send an email to the blog@csdn.net.

[Award settings]

Blog Champion Award: The first place in the "original success list, recommendation list, popularity list, comment list. Available1 good technical book(A limited number, first come, first served) andProgrammer1 magazine.

Sunshine Awards: All bloggers on the list can obtain15 download points.

Forwarding lucky prizes: Any link to the activity published on the official Weibo of the csdn product customer service will have the opportunity to getCsdn exquisite giftOne copy, extracted after the activity endsFiveLucky user.

Weibo activity address: Http://e.weibo.com/2629306884/zu3HlirPs


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