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csdn Free Points Downloader is a CSDN website resources download tool,csdn downloader can not login free points to download the resources need points, do not have to worry about integration problems. Because csdn do not know when will continue to revise or change, so do not guarantee this CSDN free points downloader long-term effective OH.

Csdn There are a lot of users upload good information, but a lot of people need to download points, many users always search for the csdn of the resources is just what they want the results due to insufficient points can only dry look at, in fact, we can through the csdn free of charge download to download the resources we want, this is a non-integral, Do not register users, do not verify the code of the CSDN website resource Download tool, can easily achieve the CSDN website of the information on the download, no need to go to the points problem and distress.

"How to use"

Simply copy the resource address of the CSDN resource station to use the CSDN Free Integrator downloader.
Open or click the Resource Address box for the csdn-free point downloader, and the tool will automatically get the CSDN address from the Clipboard.
and start the download process.
If a verification code is required in the middle, the program will automatically attempt to identify and submit the code.
If the error is recognized multiple times, manual input is required (PS: the recognition rate is approximately equal to 66% because CSDN is too incompetent)
After successful acquisition, click on the left side of the window to download the telecom/Netcom download.

"Login Method"

One: Login (csdn preferred login method)
Simply scan your phone to confirm your login.

Second: QQ Login
Open the phone QQ, scan the QR code above the page, confirm login can.

Three: Sina account login.
Enter Sina's account and password at the top of the page to authorize login.

Four: Baidu account Login
Enter your Baidu account at the top of the page and log in. If you have logged in to Baidu account, you can directly click on the authorization to quickly enter the page.

Five: Open source China Community account Login
Enter the open source Chinese community login account, namely registered email and password, click on the connection to quickly log in.

Six: GitHub website account login.

"Points to get Guide" How do I get csdn points?

1. Personal settings for mobile phone bindings csdn Account bonus 50 points (top right corner settings-account security-mobile binding)
2. Complete the task to send a number of points
3. Upload valid resources to earn points (upload illegal, advertising resources users, will be deducted certain points, serious person seal number).
· Upload your own sub-resources are downloaded, download the amount of x resources, 100 points cap.
· Upload 0 Resources downloaded, download volume X System Award 1 points, 100 caps
4. Comment Resources to earn points (the downloaded resources can only be reviewed once, please review the actual and effective)
· Review resources are graded and the system automatically returns 1 points after scoring.
· Comment on review resources, comments are true and valid, and the points consumed when the download is returned after review.
5. Become a VIP Member
6. The Forum can redeem points for download: Forum available points: Download resource points = 5:1, redemption address: http://forum.csdn.net/PointForum/Forum/PointExchange.aspx
7. Report the offending resource, and the administrator confirms the reward 20 to download the points.

"Member Benefits"

How to become a member of CSDN free points downloader?

Just recharge to become CSDN VIP members, members enjoy the benefits of free points download.

What are the benefits of CSDN members?

* 1 years of free points download 600 csdn site resources, download, please select "VIP download" channel download.
* Download membership is valid for 12 months, free download 600 resources, support download 20 per day.
* 600 downloads run out or 12 months after the member benefits expire automatically.

"Update Log"

2012-01-10 release CSDN free points Downloader V5.8 resource Share edition
With the help of a master, fixed some pointers to possible error problems, will not erase all user's cookies, and remove the problem of black window.
Please update to v5.8 in time

CSDN Free Points Downloader version 5.5 update Description:
1. Added the ability to regain verification code
2. Fixed the issue of NULL pointer when obtaining cookies, causing the open tool to report that the memory can not read the question, hereby thank an anonymous friend for the assistance of joint testing
3. Fix the cookie error, causing the problem that the IP is blocked or the code input is wrong.
Please update to v5.5 in time, this update is really rain write code negligence, hope understanding. The code is not rigorous enough.

CSDN Free Points Downloader version 5.4 Update Description:
1. Fixed the problem that v5.3 hangs due to CSDN verification code mechanism
2. Added the automatic upgrade of the reminder mechanism, that is, a new version, the program automatically open our website home page, the user to find the first page csdn free download links to download upgrade can be.
3. Because the CSDN verification code mechanism changed to a cookie, rain in the HTTP request to use WinInet can not get cookies, had to use the local way to get cookies, so that some anti-virus software is considered a Trojan horse behavior. If you report poison, please add it as trust software. Rain will never get a virus, the first is not that strength, the second character will not be poor to that extent. If you believe rain can ignore the report, do not use it. Please update to v5.4 in time, later upgrade v5.4 are hints Oh. Pro, or very good.

Want this tool, please scan the QR code below, pay attention to "amateur grass" public number, reply "Csdn" can get!

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CSDN Download 2018 Latest free version

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