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Recently csdn new Markdown Editor. I'm an early adopter.
The initial contact with the Markdown editor was in the year 2011. At that time, use the Markdown Editor to write a blog. Then put the blog on GitHub to be hosted. Markdown is not ready for real-time editing as it is now. There was a markdown engine that converted the markdown syntax to HTML specifically. Every time I feel like I wrote it right. There are actually different kinds of grammar.

What exactly is Markdown?

Markdown is a more natural expression of the syntax, it can be converted to the Internet on the general display of the HTML format. -Pre-account stroke

So this feature has created the great advantage of markdown.

Markdown Advantages

The advantage is only one point: Simple

    • If you write a blog in HTML write. Then you need to write a space, need to write   but with markdown, I just need to write:

Here's a space, really.

    • If I want to use HTML for another line, or a new paragraph, I need to write, <br> or <p> if I use markdown, I'll just hit two. For example:

Open a new line.

I don't know if this is a save word. But from a beginner's point of view it must be: Markdown's grammar is closer to what he sees. So what is WYSIWYG and easy to learn and use is the ultimate goal of markdown grammar.

Said so much about the benefits of markdown. Can the markdown replace the "best language in the World" PHP? To look at his shortcomings.

Markdown Disadvantages
    • There are no browsers directly supporting Markdown
    • Markdown parser bug A lot, and also do not know when to fix.
    • Markdown has fewer basic syntactic expressions. For example, if I want to swap the color of this font, or change the background color. This still needs the help of CSS.

It seems that Markdown's shortcomings spit a bit more. But this does not affect it as a more practical language. Think carefully, the blog except the word is a picture. No color, no style, and no effect on reading.

CSDN markdown Contrast

Uh.. I found this section of Markdown:https://www.zybuluo.com/mdeditor

Markdown Use details

It is important to note that if you want the style of the previous line not to be applied to the next line, then you should have an empty line in the middle. So a two-time carriage return is a new paragraph. The novice must make the mistake.

If you need two spaces at the beginning of the paragraph, then you still have to add two of &nbsp;&nbsp; course we are Chinese characters, each character Fu Jianling lattice width seems to be four, so here need eight spaces. Of course, it may also be related to fonts.

This is the beginning of my paragraph ~
You see here ~ ~

In addition, if some characters cannot be displayed in HTML, then add two `` , for example


To tell you the truth, this is hard to beat out. You need to first hit a [tab] and then write the original character. This is considered a block of code and will not be escaped.

This article is first written here.
Next ready to write CSDN markdown easy to use

CSDN markdown Editor First article

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