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There is an article on csdn headlines today.

International: in a dilemma, where should PHP go?

The article comes from a blog. The author complained because he could not recruit qualified PHP programmers.

Original article title: where did all the PHP programmers go? (Where are PHP programmers?) and csdn translated it into "International: in a dilemma, where should PHP go ?" This adds "international" and replaces "PHP programmers" with "php". The whole taste changes. It seems like a very formal international comment, that is to say, it does not reflect the intention of the author of the original text, but mislead readers in China.

This article reflects many problems of csdn:

1. Unfamiliar with the international open-source community, with a certain technical bias;

I don't know what the csdn news source is, but I feel that csdn is too out of touch with the international community in terms of Linux and PHP. Most of the information is related to Java and. net, and there are few excellent articles on Linux/Unix/PHP. This is totally different from what I feel in Europe. User groups of various open-source technologies in Europe are very active, and information about Linux and PHP is everywhere. Csdn is developed based on Windows/. net. This may be one reason. However, I think that the vision of China's largest IT technology community should not be too narrow.

This article selected by csdn comes from a company that doesn't know much about PhP. For our real PHP programmers, he is a just a nobody, which is basically a trivial small person, this blog cannot represent "Where should PHP go ".News sources in the technical community must be authoritative.If you really want to keep an eye on the latest development of PHP, go to php.net or a few blog posts, or join the internal team's email list.

2. Entertainment Tendency

I believe that in the Internet era, attracting attention and increasing traffic is important for every website, but it is definitely not a good idea to entertain the technology community.The technical community should be rigorous.And cannot be as confident as Entertainment gossip. Because entertainment news is just a discussion of people after a meal, even if they are wrong, it will not have a big impact on each other. What is the relationship between people's stars and our common people. However, text from the technical community, if spoken nonsense, will mislead readers, especially those new entry developers. For them, "which language is the best and which language is not good" is of great significance. That's why it is very misleading. (For example, the most common saying is "PHP is good for small websites, but Java is used for developing complex websites and big websites". Generally, someone asks me if this is correct, I asked them to estimate whether they would have more users, more traffic, and more complex application logic than Facebook, because Facebook was developed with PHP .)

PHP has been very popular now. As mentioned above, Facebook, the greatest Web application after Google, is also developed using PHP. The csdn article says "PHP is outdated" (the original English version is Php is getting mature, and PHP is becoming increasingly mature. Here is a clear translation error). Isn't that confusing? In the end, is the editing level too low, or is it because it is biased towards PHP? If the editing level is too low, please work hard. If it is an attitude problem, you really need to reflect on it.

Short-term entertainment operations may bring more popularity, but over the long term, csdn will lose credibility in the technical circle. Many friends have already told me that "csdn editing is too low, and it is often nonsense. Many cainiao in this community ". This is a very bad problem. csdn should be synonymous with excellent products like IBM developerworks.

PS. I have been writing a blog on csdn since, and I feel that csdn is getting better and better (the most intuitive is the blog system, then the number of people in the community, offline activities, etc ). Csdn has contributed a lot to the domestic technical community.

I am also an "expert" for csdn web channels and Java channels (although I think the level is average), so I think I should come up with my own ideas for reference, we hope csdn can keep improving on its existing basis.

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