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The following test environment is IE6:
1. webpage image format selection:
  • GIF is applicable when the image color is not many and the precision requirement is not high. Because GIF will make the file relatively small, this can greatly improve the web browsing speed.
  • JPG, suitable for fine-grained images. A large amount of use may slow down the speed of webpages..

2. Two ways to draw a single pixel line:

  • <DivStyle = "border-bottom: 1pxDashed# CCC "> </div>
  • CSS: HR {border: solid 1px black} <HR size = "1px"/> (self-Summary, passed in IE6, to be studied)

3. we recommend that you use padding instead of margin as much as possible. This is because there are many strange issues with IE. It cannot correctly display the margin-right/left attribute in any location, so we use padding (gap, in Dreamweaver.

4. Use of word-Break (self-summary)

  • Normal:Make sure that the Chinese and English characters are the same.
  • Break-ALL:Chinese is the same as normal, and English is disconnected within the word
  • Keep-ALL:Chinese will wrap at punctuation. English is the same as normal
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