CSS Background Properties background

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The Background property is an abbreviation for all background properties:

The following are the background properties:

Background-color: Background color

You can use the color name (red/green/blue) to set

You can also use Hex (#fff/#000/#bcbcbc)

RGB (X,X,X) x values can also be used (0~255)

Background-position: Background Start position

is also three kinds of value, the first is a combination of locality (Top/right/bottom/left), such as left top

Percent x x percent, such as 0% 0% for upper left corner

Expressed in pixels, such as 100px 100px

Background-size: Background size

You can adjust the background size by setting a given length, such as background-size:100px 80px;

can also be set by percentage, note that the percentage here is the background positioning area, not the original size of the image. such as background-size:50% 50%;

Background-repeat: Background Repeat settings

No-repeat: No repetition

Repeat-x: Repeat in x (horizontal) direction

Repeat-y: Repeat in Y (vertical) direction

Repeat: Repeat

Background-origin: Specifies the relative position of the Background-position property

Padding-box: The relative position of the background fill box

Border-box: Relative position of background border

Content-box: The position of the background relative to the content box

<!DOCTYPE HTML><HTML><Head><style>Div{width:100px;Height:100px;Border:1px solid Black;padding:20px;margin:20px;Background-image:URL ("weixin.png");background-repeat:no-repeat;background-position:Top;float: Left;}#id1{Background-origin:Padding-box;}#id2{Background-origin:Content-box;}#id3{Background-origin:Border-box;}</style></Head><Body><DivID= "Id1">Background-origin: Specifies the relative position of the Background-position property</Div><DivID= "Id2">Background-origin: Specifies the relative position of the Background-position property</Div><DivID= "ID3">Background-origin: Specifies the relative position of the Background-position property</Div></Body></HTML>


Background-clip: Drawing area of the background

Same as Padding-box/border-box/content-box three values

<!DOCTYPE HTML><HTML><Head><style>Div{width:100px;Height:100px;Border:1px dotted Grey;padding:20px;margin:20px;float: Left;Background-color:Red;Border-width:10px;}#id1{Background-clip:Padding-box;}#id2{Background-clip:Content-box;}#id3{Background-clip:Border-box;}</style></Head><Body><DivID= "Id1">Red is the background</Div><DivID= "Id2">Red is the background</Div><DivID= "ID3">Red is the background</Div></Body></HTML>


Background-attachment: Whether the background is fixed or scrolling with the page

Fixed: Stationary

Scroll: Scrolling (default)

Background-image: Background image

URL: Image Path

CSS Background Properties background

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