CSS base display solves the gap problem caused by the alignment of the image with the baseline

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Li Wu:
Heng Learn to think together, honouring teachers save Thanksgiving. Leaf See root three return to one, rivers the same oneness.
Meekness Conscience Lord, willing to do without regrets to the most bitter. Reading exercises to keep the body and mind, sincere advice and the line and cherish.

Ide:visual Studio 2017

<!DOCTYPE HTML><HTML><Head>    <MetaCharSet= "Utf-8" />    <Metaname= "Author"content= "Https://www.cnblogs.com/jizuiku"/>    <title></title>    </Head><Bodystyle= "Background-color:grey;">    <Divstyle= "background-color:red;">        <!--image, form, and other inline block elements whose bottom line aligns with the baseline of the parent box -        <imgsrc= "Feng.jpg"/>    </Div>    <HR/>    <Divstyle= "background-color:red;">        <imgsrc= "Feng.jpg"style= "Display:block;"/>    </Div></Body></HTML>


CSS3 excellent, worth learning.
Learning resources: www.w3cschool.cn + itcast and Itheima video library + Pure Heart.
If you have public resources, can share to me, with your resources to learn also can.
Blog post is to watch the video, into thinking written. It's good that the teacher speaks well. Blog bad, is to give the most bitter not serious.

CSS base display solves the gap problem caused by the alignment of the image with the baseline

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