CSS base Reference way Tag Selector priority various layouts

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Today's CSS Foundation, understand the CSS is cascading table, is to beautify the page, control the style of the page.

Style Sheet Introduction Page 3 ways 1 inline, syntax example: <div style= "Width:100px;height:50px;background: #E91115" > </div> "

2 Inline syntax example (inside head) Div{height:100px;width:100px;background: #EF0E12}

3 external style sheet syntax example (inside head) <link rel= "stylesheet" href= "**.css>"

Selector 1 Tag Selector tag name {style}

2ID selector #id名 {style} (unique)

Class 3 selectors. Class name {} style} (can give any plus)

4 Combo Selector comma to comma-connected labels plus styles such as p,div{}

Empty Grieru ol space IL

Filter label name. Class Name


Property selector such as div[date= "div"]{}

Priority 1 within the label style= ""

2id Selector

Class 3 and attribute selectors

4body TD ..... Inside the

5* for all

Note: When the selector is the same, the following style is higher than the above.

Format Layout position:fixed fixed

Position:absolu Absolute Positioning

Position:relative relative positioning

Grammar: any one of position:3; Z-index 10;left or right =100px; top or botton=100px

CSS base Reference way Tag Selector priority various layouts

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