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Browser conditional annotation theory, using the following example to explain the problem

X Html

The following section of code is the effect of testing conditional comment statements under Microsoft's IE browser

The following code is a conditional comment that runs under a non-IE browser

You are not using Internet Explorer

Ultimately works in non-IE and special IE browsers
(or use LTE LT or GT GTE to judge, such as:


You are using Internet Explorer version 6

or a non-IE browser

from:cssplay.co.uk/menu/conditional.html "target=" _blank ">http://www.cssplay.co.uk/menu/conditional.html

The above mentioned conditional comments, that is, to determine the browser type, and then define what browser to display what content.

This dropmenu (drop-down menu) model comes from the cssplay, making it a result of repeated research and repeated testing by the author. I think that this model to practice the principle of conditional annotation.

Let's look at one of the simplest models.

Here's xhtm.

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Adopt the double style, give IE and non-IE define the style separately, if IE time, add a final_drop_ie.css on final_drop.css basis

First look at how the non-ie CSS is defined
. menu UL Li ul {
/* Specific to non IE browsers */
. Menu ul Li:hover a {
Color: #fff;
Background: #bd8d5e;
/* Define mouse over style */
. Menu UL Li:hover ul {

In the non-IE, see the mouse slide when the LI contains the UL display, because these browsers support li:hover usage

The CSS under IE
. menu ul li a:hover {
Color: #fff;
Background: #bd8d5e;
/* When the mouse is out of date, Li contains the UL display */
. menu ul Li A:hover ul {
Background: #fff;

Inherit the above final_drop.css style, no mouse time when Li contains UL does not display

So when the mouse IE6 under the time of the a:hover to display the UL content
And IE7 under the Li:hover show the same effect
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