CSS defines font spacing font line and line spacing

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CSS defines the font line spacing line-height:xxpx;

CSS defines font spacing

Let's take a look at the text properties of CSS, or we'll start with a detailed list of text properties:

Property attribute meaning Property value
Word-spacing Defines the spacing between each word Normal<length> must be in the length of the unit
Letter-spacing Defines the spacing between each letter Ditto
Text-decoration Define the "trim" style for text




Defines the element in the vertical direction

On the position



Text-transform Convert text to other forms Capitalize|uppercase|lowercase|none
Text-align Defines how text is aligned Left|right|center|justify
Text-indent Defines how the first line of text is indented <length>|<percentage>
Line-height Defines the line height of the text



We can see from the table that here you can define text spacing, letter spacing, decorations, alignment, indentation, and line high properties.

Let's take a look at the following example:


<p style= "Letter-spacing:5px;text-align:justify;text-indent:4em;line-height:17pt" > We see more space between the text attributes and the lines between the rows and lines, the alignment becomes justified, and the beginning of the paragraph is indented in two more panes. </p>

Letter-spacing set the word spacing to 5px, where 5px is a unit of length, Text-align is set to justify the alignment, indent sets the indent to 4em;line-height set row height to 17pt

From the above example, we can see that the use of CSS text properties can be easily formatted text in the page.

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