Css deformation transform, csstransform

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Css deformation transform, csstransform
Transition: excessive attribute

  • Transition-property specifies the name of the css attribute with an excessive effect. By default, all can be set.

  • Transition-duration specifies the number of seconds or milliseconds required to complete the excessive Effect

  • Transition-timing-function: easetransition-delay by default

    • Slow: Slow down
    • Linear: constant speed
    • Acceleration-in
    • Slow-out: deceleration
    • Slow-in-out: acceleration is slowing down first
    • Cubic-besuppliers: besell Curve

Transitionend: overfulfill event

1 function addEnd(obj,fn){2     obj.addEventListener('WebkitTransitionEnd',fn,false);3     obj.addEventListener('transitionend',fn,false);4 }5 function removeEnd(obj,fn){6     obj.removeEventListener('WebkitTransitionEnd',fn,false);7     obj.removeEventListener('transitionend',fn,false);8 }
Note: 1 in transition, if there are multiple writes, the event will be triggered if the style is not changed once.
2. Trigger the transitionend event repeatedly. For example, the position of the Y axis of the div is repeatedly changed below.
 1 <!DOCTYPE html> 2 View Code


Transform: Deformation

  • Rotation: rotate (): Degree

  • Oblique cut: skew (): Degree

    • SkewX
    • SkewY
  • Scale: scale (): positive number, negative number, decimal number

    • ScaleX
    • ScaleY
  • Displacement: translate (): css supports all units

    • TranslateX
    • TranslateY
  • The execution sequence of transform: The execution sequence of the last write.

    • Transform: scale (2) rotate (50deg); perform rotation first, and then scale


The preceding transform value will also be changed based on the center point (transform-origin ).



Exercise: clock demo

Exercise: navigation


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