CSS inserts transparent PNG (IE6 under PNG background transparent)

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PNG image support Transparent ~ very good, but under the IE6 is not the correct display of transparent parts, use this CSS can solve this problem (there are other methods, but Baidu space can only use CSS ~_~) Filter:progid: Dximagetransform.microsoft.alphaimageloader (src= "PNG image Address", sizingmethod= "crop"); Add the above to the CSS. For example #in_send form td.f14 input {filter:progid:dximagetransform.microsoft.alphaimageloader (src=http://www.cxybl.com/ html/wyzz/css/"Http://cuiwei131.814e.com/5.png", sizingmethod= "crop"); height:64px; width:64px; padding-top:120px; font-size:1px; Border-right: #111 0px solid; Border-bottom: #111 0px solid; Border-top: #111 0px solid; Border-left: #111 0px solid; margin-left:203px; margin-top:-144px; Position:absolute; This transparent part of PNG can be displayed correctly under IE6 the other methods are not mentioned. Everyone find their own AH.

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