CSS (js) limits the length of text characters displayed on the page _ javascript skills

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Restrict the length of characters displayed on the page, which has been favored by many netizens. I am also a fans who have collected some practical skills in their spare time. For more information, see The Code is as follows:

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  • If I limit the characters in the span above.
    $ ("Nav_block span"). wordLimit (8 );
    It uses the following method to define the jquery plug-in, which I deducted from the dot net:

    The Code is as follows:

    // Copyright c by zhangxinxu v1.0 2009-09-05
    // Http://www.zhangxinxu.com
    /* $ (". Test1"). wordLimit (); the css width is automatically obtained for processing. If no width is specified for. test1 in css, it does not work.
    $ (". Test2"). wordLimit (24); number of truncated characters. The value is an integer greater than 0. Here, the number of characters in the tag of class test2 can be 24 at most.
    (Function ($ ){
    $. Fn. wordLimit = function (num ){
    This. each (function (){
    If (! Num ){
    Var copyThis = certificate (this.clonenode(true?#.hide().css ({
    'Position': 'absolute ',
    'Width': 'auto ',
    'Overflow': 'visible'
    $ (This). after (copyThis );
    If (copyThis. width ()> $ (this). width ()){
    $ (This). text ($ (this). text (). substring (0, $ (this). text (). length-4 ));
    Certificate (this).html((this).html () + '...');
    CopyThis. remove ();
    $ (This). wordLimit ();
    } Else {
    CopyThis. remove (); // clear the copy
    } Else {
    Var maxwidth = num;
    If ($ (this). text (). length> maxwidth ){
    $ (This). text ($ (this). text (). substring (0, maxwidth ));
    Certificate (this).html((this).html () + '...');
    }) (JQuery );

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