CSS layout rules for Dreamweaver CS3 Web page production

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How CSS files are linked

• Additional links: external CSS file

• Import CSS: When multiple CSS files are used, import multiple CSS into a CSS file

There are three types of CSS rule definitions:

1) classes such as ". Redtext ",". Bluetext "and". BigText "Wait.

2 tags for the original HTML tags to do the re-CSS definition

3 Advanced pseudo class, element with ID defined, and comprehensive definition

Application of CSS Rules

* Only "class" style needs to be applied, class= "XXXX". Any element can apply a class.

The difference between class and IDs

• Label applications generally for the "body" label one-time use, for such as "Li", "TD" in the page, such as the repetition of a larger label does not recommend the definition.

• Advanced multiple applications, defining "#id Li" is much better than defining "Li".

The order in which CSS rules are executed

• Follow the sequence of CSS code execution

• If there are duplicate rules, follow the definition after execution

• The final rule is the synthesis of multiple definition rules

Emphasis: Advanced rule definition

1. Text style definitions for different tables. (Different tables use different IDs, use class style definitions)

2. Multiple hyperlink style definitions on one page

3. Multiple CSS common definitions of different objects of the same rule

4. Consider which is more scientific (extensibility and Code simplification) for multiple CSS methods defined by the same object

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