CSS makes punctuation not present at the beginning of the line

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The purpose of this statement is to allow the statement to wrap when it reaches the boundary, but it is this style that allows the punctuation to run to the beginning of the line.


Word-break:normal | Break-all | Keep-all


Normal: Allow line wrapping in words according to Asian and non-Asian language text rules

Break-all: The behavior is the same as in Asian languages. Also allows non-Asian-language text lines to be broken within any word. This value is appropriate for Asian text that contains some non-Asian text

Keep-all: Same as normal for all non-Asian languages. For Chinese, Korean, Japanese, word break is not allowed. Suitable for non-Asian texts containing small amounts of Asian text


Sets or retrieves the word wrapping behavior of text within an object. Especially when multiple languages are present.

For Chinese, break-all should be used.

The experiment proves that the punctuation mark does not appear at the beginning of the line, but also can achieve automatic wrapping, only need to write the style as follows:


CSS makes punctuation not present at the beginning of the line

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