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CSS naming conventions I. Page structure

Container: Container

Page Header: Header

Content: Content/container

Page body: Main

Page End: Footer

Navigation: Nav

Sidebar: Sidebar

Column: Column

Page perimeter control overall layout width: Wrapper

Middle: Left Right center

Second, navigation

Navigation: Nav

Main navigation: Mainnav

Sub-navigation: Subnav

Top Navigation: Topnav

Side navigation: Sidebar

Left navigation: Leftsidebar

Right navigation: Rightsidebar

Menus: Menu

Sub-menu: submenu

Caption: Title

Abstract: Summary

Third, the function

Logo: Logo

Ad: Banner

Login: Login

Login Strip: Loginbar

Registration: Regsiter

Searches: Search

Functional area: Shop

Caption: Title

Join: Joinus

State: Status

Button: BTN

Scrolling: Scroll

Tabs page: Tab

Article List: List

Hint Message: MSG

Present: Current

Tip: Tips

Icons: Icon

Note: note

Guide: Guild

Services: Service

Hotspot: Hot

Press: News

Download: Download

Vote: Vote

PARTNER: Partner

Links: Friendlink

Copyrights: Copyright

Four, color

Use the name of the color or the 16 code, as in

. red {color:red;}

. F60 {color: #f60;}

. ff8600 {color: #ff8600;}

Five, font size

Use "font+ font size" as the name directly, as

. font12px {font-size:12px;}

. font9pt {font-size:9pt;}

Six, alignment style

Use the English name of the alignment target, such as

. left {float:left;}

. bottom {float:bottom;}

Seven, title bar style

Use "category + feature" to name it, as

. Barnews {}

. barproduct {}

Eight, the matters needing attention

1. Lowercase;

2. Try to use English;

3. Do not add the middle bar and underline;

4. Try not to abbreviate unless you see the words clearly.

Nine, style file naming

The main master.css


Basic shared Base.css

Layout, Layout layout.css

Theme Themes.css

Column Columns.css

Text Font.css

Form Forms.css

Patch Mend.css

Print Print.css

CSS Naming conventions

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