CSS Page Layout Basics

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Remove the origin without the list List-style:none first capitalization list-style:upper-coman into lowercase list-style:lower-roman English initial capital Alpha lowercase Lower-alpha

Dashed boder:1px dashed #58a, dotted line boder:10px dotted #58a, double solid line Doble

Define styles in four directions

BODER-TOP:2PX solid red;

right:2px dashed red;



Div can be set to a circle with the same length and width as the word


Element Shadow

box-shadow:5px 5px 2px#000;

Linear gradient

Background:liner-gradiedt (to Right,red,yellow);


@keyfeames box{






You can also use the score ratio symbol

Trasition:all linear 1s, one second constant speed conversion

Row class tokens are converted to block-level

Change A{diaplay:block



Padding value cannot be a negative margin

Vertical line of defense margin will overlap, take maximum value


Float:left; left float

Right float

Plus the parent re-float can sort the order after the float

Eliminate the last float


Clear both


Child floating Parent Height collapses

Line element is considered block-level after floating

Set the width when floating text

CSS Page Layout Basics

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