CSS properties used in the theme modification of the blog park

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Style Overrides

The ID selector is larger than the class selector.

For the ID selector that you want to overwrite in the original theme, use !import overrides.

For CSS properties that you want to cancel in the original theme, use the inherit .

Floating elements

Set to, in order for the position component to fixed float on top of other components z-index .

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element.style{    top:0;    right:0;    border:0;    z-index:100;    position:fixed;}
Transparent input Box

Set background to transparent make the input box transparent;

borderset to 0 to hide the border, then append the bottom style, note the order, and the style that is declared later overrides the previous.

input#nav_search{    background:transparent;    transition:.6s ease-in-out;    border:0;    border-bottom:1pxsolid#fff;    color:#fff;    width:5pc;}

A change can be declared after the same element attribute changes in CSS3, that is transition . transition: all .6s ease-in-out; Represents a complete animation within 0.6s.

Icon Gallery

Introduce Http://fontawesome.io. For example, the search icon is
fa fa-search

Spacing Settings between components

Use padding and margin to set the spacing instead of declaring width and hight after adjusting the center.

Set Div rounded Corners
#post_detail.postTitle{    border-top-right-radius:10px;    border-top-left-radius:10px;}
Set Font size
#post_detail.postTitle{    font-size:30px;    font-weight:400;}
Set a three-dimensional border
#post_detail{    box-shadow:08px17px0rgba(0,0,0,.2)06px20px0rgba(0,0,0,.19);}
Set up dashed split for announcements
.my-profile{    border-bottom:1pxdashed#333;    padding-bottom:25px;    margin-bottom:25px;}
Set the color to the left of the reference block
#cnblogs_post_body ul.post-copyright{    border-left:3pxsolid#ff1700;    background-color:#f9f9f9;}
Scramble the vertical rows of a category
.catListPostCategory{    display:inline-block;}

CSS properties used in the theme modification of the blog park

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