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<span id="Label3"></p>1. Word Wrapping<pre><pre>/* Force Non-newline */white-space:nowrap; /* word wrap */word-wrap:break-word;word-break:normal;/* Force English words to break */word-break:break-all;</pre></pre>2. Justify on both sides<pre><pre>Text-align:justify;text-justify:inter-ideogra</pre></pre>3. Remove the yellow focus box from the input (text box) or textarea in the WebKit (chrome) browser<pre><pre>input,button,select,textarea{outline:none;} textarea{font-size:13px; resize:none;}</pre></pre><p><p>Note: The yellow background of the form is automatically populated after you remove the chrome remember password</p></p>4. ie6:position:fixed<pre><pre>. fixed-top/* Position Fixed Top */{position:fixed;bottom:auto;top:0;} * Html. fixed-top/* IE6 position fixed top */{position:absolute;bottom:auto;top:expression (eval ( document.documentElement.scrollTop));} *html{background-image:url (about:blank); background-attachment:fixed;}</pre></pre>5. Clearfix<pre><pre>. clearfix:after{visibility:hidden;display:block;font-size:0;content: ""; Clear:both;height:0;}. clearfix{display:inline-block;} Html[xmlns]. clearfix{display:block;} * Html. clearfix{height:1%;}</pre></pre><pre><pre>. clearfix{*zoom:1;}. Clearfix:after{clear:both;display:table;content: "";}</pre></pre><pre><pre>. clearfix{overflow:hidden;_zoom:1;}</pre></pre>6. Seperate-table<pre><pre>. tab{border-collapse:separate;border:1px Solid #e0e0e0;}. tab th,.tab td{padding:3px;font-size:12px;background: #f5f9fb; border:1px solid;border-color: #fff #deedf6 #deedf6 #fff ;}. tab th{background: #edf4f0;}. tab Tr.even td{background: #fff;}</pre></pre><pre><pre><table class= "tab" width= "100%" cellpadding= "0" cellspacing= "0" border= "0" > <tr> <th>111 </th> <td>222</td> </tr> <tr> <th>111</th> < Td>222</td> </tr></table></pre></pre>7. Min-height: Minimum Height compatible code<pre><pre>. minheight500{ min-height:500px; height:auto!important; height:500px; overflow:visible;}</pre></pre>8. Mouse is not allowed to click:<pre><pre>cursor:not-allowed;</pre></pre>9. Mac Font:osx Platform font optimization<pre><pre>Font-family: "hiragino Sans gb", "hiragino Sans GB W3", ' Microsoft JAS Black ';</pre></pre>10. Ellipsis:<pre><pre>. ellipsis{white-space:nowrap;overflow:hidden;text-overflow:ellipsis}</pre></pre><p><p>CSS Tips-turn to Xiao Yue's blog</p></p></span>
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