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CSS pseudo-Class (pseudo-classes)

Anchor pseudo-class: In a browser that supports CSS, the different states of a link can be displayed in different ways, including: active, accessed, not accessed, and mouseover.

a:link {color: #FF0000}/* not visited link */a:visited {color: #00FF00}/* visited link */a:hover {color: #FF00FF}/* mouse move to link */a:active {C Olor: #0000FF}/* selected Link */

The use of a tag is often changed by pseudo-class, such as hover hover background background, font-size font size, text-decoration text style (none to underline), color font colors, etc., but in: Visited can't change so many styles.

<! DOCTYPE html>

Many years ago, css:visited was a way of querying the user's history, and it was not a threat to itself, but when it joined the JS getComputedStyle (), it was possible to find out where you had been in your history. With speeds of up to 210,000 URLs per minute, it's possible to get a lot of your historical information or copy your identity through fingerprint printing. Because the browser can keep a history for a long time, this method can expose a considerable portion of your browsing information.

Wow, that's a bunch of people who don't want people to see what they're doing online, so they're starting to protect the privacy of their users Ziji. Well, that's what they do.

The getComputedStyle method is denatured and always returns values as if the user had never visited the site. (But I didn't try to do anything about it.) )

Will: visited castration, can only be used to modify the Color,background-color,border-*-color,outline-color, as well as part of the fill and stroke properties, other properties are: Link instead. and can not use RGBA (), Hsla (), transparent these colors.

The wrong place to translate, welcome to hit me in the face.

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