[CSS3] Study notes--CSS box model

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1. CSS Box Model overview

The content range of the box model includes: Margin (margin), border (border), padding (padding), content (contents) parts.

2. Inner margin

The padding is within the content, border, with 5 attributes:

padding: Set all margins

Padding-bottom: Set Bottom margin

Padding-left: Set the left margin

Padding-right: Set the right margin

Padding-top: Set Top margin

3. Border

We can create well-performing borders and can be applied to any element. The style of the border is Border-style, which defines 10 different non-inherited styles, including none.

4. Outer margin

The area around the content outer box is the margin, the margin is the transparent area by default, and the margin accepts any length unit or percentage value. Margin Common properties:

Margin: Set all margins

Margin-bottom: Set Bottom margin

Margin-left: Set the left margin

Margin-right: Set the right margin

Margin-top: Set Top margin

5. Outer margin Synthesis

If two boxes are the same, their margin is 100px, the boxes are arranged up and down, and the margin between the boxes is automatically synthesized, 100px, not 200px.

6. Box Model Application

1 <!DOCTYPE HTML>2 <HTML>3 <HeadLang= "en">4     <MetaCharSet= "UTF-8">5     <title>Application of Box model</title>6     <Linkhref= "1.css"type= "Text/css"rel= "stylesheet">7 </Head>8 <Body>9     <Divclass= "Top">Ten         <Divclass= "Top_content"></Div> One     </Div> A     <Divclass= "Body"> -         <Divclass= "Body_img"></Div> -         <Divclass= "Body_content"> the             <Divclass= "Body_no"></Div> -         </Div> -     </Div> -     <Divclass= "footing"> +         <Divclass= "Footing_content"></Div> -         <Divclass= "Footing_subnav"></Div> +     </Div> A </Body> at </HTML>

The corresponding CSS file:

1 *{2 margin:0px;3 padding:0px;4}5 . Top{6 width:100%;7 Height:50px;8 Background-color:Black;9}Ten . Top_content{ One width:75%; A Height:50px; - margin:0px Auto; - Background-color:Blue; the} - . Body{ - margin:20px Auto; - width:75%; + Height:1500px; - Background-color:Blanchedalmond; +} A . Body_img{ at width:100%; - Height:400px; - Background-color:Darkorange; -} - . Body_content{ - width:100%; in Height:1100px; - Background-color:Blueviolet; to} + . Body_no{ - width:100%; the Height:50px; * Background-color:Aqua; $}Panax Notoginseng . Footing{ - width:75%; the Height:400px; + Background-color:Coral; A margin:0px Auto; the} + . Footing_content{ - width:Auto; $ Height:330px; $ Background-color:Chartreuse; -} - . Footing_subnav{ the width:Auto; - Height:70px;Wuyi Background-color:Black; the}

[CSS3] Study notes--CSS box model

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