[CTO club No. 43rd] Liang gongjun: Fresh Fruit mobile team and product lessons from scratch

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The speech is recorded as follows:

Today, we can see that many of our members are old friends, including those from the media and investment companies, the first purpose of this meeting today is to discuss practices from traditional media to new media. In addition, this kind of cross-industry communication is actually quite rare. Both traditional media and mobile app developers should have a good communication.


I will share with you the experience of the fresh fruit team on moving from nothing. I will share with you about the products and marketing of the team. Fresh fruit online has been focusing on content reading. Mobile started to work on mobile terminals at the beginning of last year. At the beginning, we wanted to use outsourcing. As a result, we found three companies and spent a lot of money. However, the final result was not satisfactory. Later, we had to find someone again, and then re-develop this product on our own. It also took a lot of detours. Next, I will share this process with you.


First, let's analyze the features of mobile developers at this stage. The first is that developers are easy to get together. If there are a lot of people and there is such a development atmosphere, they will stay comfortable and stable. The other is high salary. Now, IOS engineers tend to be more than 10 thousand yuan, which may be the case if they have just graduated for a year or two. Third, there are fewer qualified persons and fewer qualified engineers. Most of them are from training courses. For example, we collect resumes through many channels and headers, and many of them are from training courses. If you are looking for it, be cautious. Another is instability, because he has too many temptations and too many external opportunities. If you pull one person, it's easy to flash in two or three months. This is a feature of basic mobile developers. Another reason is that there are few people who are eligible for mobile development because of the current mobile boom.


The second is whether to find a part-time job or full-time job, whether to outsource or build a team by yourself. If you want to use this product for a long term, you will not be able to outsource it. If your team is a large company, if you want to support a mobile operation development group of more than five people, we recommend that you stay full time.


In addition, I am looking for a part-time job. How can I find it? There are several ways. The first one is to find an outsourcing platform (prjb.csdn.net) through csdn, where developers can find it. The design can be found at pig Bajie. There are also some professional communities like Weibo, or find some reliable studios and outsourcing companies. For example, AI totem has been doing this for a long time and has done a lot of classic cases. This is my personal suggestion.


There are some full-time channels listed. One is professional HR, the other is through some friends, as well as through social marketing, through Weibo, professional communities, Wei Feng, Fan Feng, csdn or QQ group. There is also the headhunting. If you are a media group that wants to quickly launch the product, as soon as possible in the new media channel, and in the mobile boom, transfer your new product, you can use some professional headhunters to spend more money to help you find very professional people.


In my experience, both part-time and full-time work requires proof of strength. I think that work is your best business card. Many people may be fooled because of the hot market. They have invited an unreliable person. As a result, their time has been delayed and the whole process has not been completed, when the market is occupied by other competitors, it may be frustrating. So this is to look at the product, that is, the hard indicator. Beware of the word skill school, especially for the product makers, there are too many word skill schools, and the blog is full of things. However, if you are actually using it, you may have a poor job and a strong theoretical knowledge, the actual capabilities are really rough. This is something to guard against.


What kind of full-time employees do I look for? I usually look at several aspects. First, I have a desire, second, I have a sense of responsibility, and third, I 'd better have a work. What do you want to know? For example, if you make a mobile phone, many do not even use their own mobile phones. They all use some testing machines of the company. You usually do not need your own cell phone or work. It may be difficult for you to rely on such people. A lot of people who design products, make ue, You need to soak in it every day to feel it.


There are also some risks when you team up, and sometimes you may be confused and cannot be competent. The second is to encounter irresponsible oil strip, half done, and Flash people with money, which is also a lot. Currently, the entire industry is relatively impetuous. This case is often the case. Third, I met an apprenticeship. After you finish this course, I will immediately flash people. I just talked about this kind of mobile development team. This group is very unstable now. There are too many temptations. For example, an apprenticeship may be able to handle 6000 or 7000 yuan at the beginning, but after half a year of study, he may have a salary of 10 thousand yuan, can you assume a buffer learning platform from the beginning to the first half of the year? don't end up with some apprentices. It's also a waste of time and you can't do anything. Everyone has finished learning it here, and it's just a flash.


I don't think risk control is a good trick. Many multimedia companies here may not have such technical talents. When recruiting people or selecting outsourcing teams, find some friends who are more reliable as technical managers for help. In addition, you have specific requirements for yourself. If you are a customer, you have to submit a clear requirement, this makes our outsourcing team very uncomfortable. You must first think clearly about how much you want to do and what your interaction looks like, of course it is best that you have finished UE and UI on your side, but the success rate is very high,


Next, we will share our experiences on the product. Fresh fruit was first designed by myself and outsourced by people outside the company. Later, it was used for reference and imitation of flipbaode. The basic process and role division, requirement analysis, ue prototype design, uidesign, development, testing, and launch, were released to various stores. There are four key roles: product manager, interaction designer, UI Designer, and primary programmer. If you do not have so many people or you cannot afford to have so many people, at least the product manager and the primary programmer must have these two roles. The product manager can basically take the role of the Interaction Designer and look for a UI Designer. UI designers are not as hot as mobile developers and are easy to find. Among them, the most important role is the product manager, who has to make the prototype.


Let's share some of our internal communication tools. One of the tools shared by the Team has been used by our company for many times. We used Microsoft for the first time. Now we have been using Wiki for several years, it uses a wiki shared by an internal enterprise team-confluence. Many large companies such as IBM and Cisco are using this tool, which is very good and simple. Recommended. In addition, Jira plays a major role in the team. JIRA is actually a bug tracking tool or even a task distribution and control tool, internal communication is highly efficient. The reason for the high efficiency of our team is closely related to these tools and we recommend them to media organizations. Yahoo and Adobe are also using Jira.


A good mobile application should have these characteristics. 1. Interesting and beneficial. 2. simple and easy to use. You can use it with a touch. 3. response speed. Applications are used in several minutes of fragmentation time, which requires a high speed. 4. The visual requirements are cool and focus on the icon design. At first glance, the user will be captured.


Third, let's talk about how to promote Seo. The first is Seo. In fact, app search is based on keywords. Taking "reading" as an example, you must first match the two words in your introduction or the application header in your name. So you should pay attention when naming or writing the title.


The second is social marketing, such as through Weibo and through professional communities. Every time you send a new version, you 'd better talk about it on Weibo. We started using Facebook in, but we registered an official account for all the social platforms that can be used. A new version or user feedback is basically solved in that way, so it is easy to gather a group of very loyal and hardcore users.


These hardcore users will play a major role in the future development of your products. First of all, he can help you become a mouse. Now, many products are basically the first to engage in so many old users as mice. Second, he can help you with word-of-mouth publicity, and he can pull all the classmates and friends around him down. This is the benefit of community-based marketing.


The third is to implement app interconnection with users. Our users can bring them through links, and they can also bring them to us. This is very effective. You can give it a try.


The fourth is through mobile phone manufacturers and operators. This is hard to do. mobile phone manufacturers have some built-in features. If they are strong, they can also find some solution vendors, such as our enterprises and domestic circulation enterprises. There are also some stores, and there are also a few large domestic stores. They can often be used to fl in the water and cargo machines, which is a good channel.


The fourth is appstore, which is of course a good domestic application Mall. There are currently more than 70 app stores. We are more concerned with androidmarket, handheld App Exchange, anzhi market, Android Market, flink market, N multi-network, Amy market, youyi market, 3G Android Market, mobile mm App Store, and Android starry sky.


The sixth is some WAP stations, such as mobile phone handheld Baidu and mobile phone Sina, which can be listed in promotion resources.

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