CTreeCtrl control usage tips

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1. CTreeCtrl: GetRootItem


Call this function to retrieve the root item of the tree view control.

         HTREEITEM GetRootItem( ) const;

Ii. CTreeCtrl: GetItemText

Returns the text of the item specified by hItem.

        CString GetItemText(               HTREEITEM hItem         ) const;
III,CTreeCtrl: GetNextItem

      Call this function to retrieve the tree view item that has the 
specified relationship, indicated by the nCode parameter, to 

       HTREEITEM GetNextItem(                HTREEITEM hItem,                UINT nCode        ) const;

A flag indicating the type of relation to hItem. This flag can be one of the following values:

  • TVGN_CARETRetrieves the currently selected item.

  • TVGN_CHILDRetrieves the first child item of the item specified by the hItem parameter.

  • TVGN_DROPHILITERetrieves the item that is the target of a drag-and-drop operation.

  • TVGN_FIRSTVISIBLERetrieves the first visible item.

  • TVGN_LASTVISIBLERetrieves the last expanded item in the tree. This does not retrieve the last item visible in the tree-view window.

  • TVGN_NEXTRetrieves the next sibling item.

  • TVGN_NEXTVISIBLERetrieves the next visible item that follows the specified item.

  • TVGN_PARENTRetrieves the parent of the specified item.

  • TVGN_PREVIOUSRetrieves the previous sibling item.

  • Tvgn_previusvisibleRetrieves the first visible item that precedes the specified item.

  • TVGN_ROOTRetrieves the first child item of the root item of which the specified item is a part.

IV,CTreeCtrl: ItemHasChildren

Use this function to determine whether the tree item specified by hItem has child items.


BOOL ItemHasChildren(   HTREEITEM hItem ) const;


V. CTreeCtrl: GetChildItem

Call this function to retrieve the tree view item that is the child of the item specified by hItem.

HTREEITEM GetChildItem(   HTREEITEM hItem ) const;



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