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Konjac Konjac lucky to participate in the God Ben gathered Ctsc & Apio 2015, feel really abused into a silly force ... These days have not updated the blog, today to fill it ~ ~ (but not the puzzle ...) )

Day 0

From Taiyuan to Beijing now take 3 hours by high-speed rail = =, however, this high-speed rail many times, the speed of the long time to stay under 200km/h, Super Bad rating!!

Then take the subway to the Yanshan Hotel, the legendary four-star hotel ah 0.0 look at the hall feel very upscale appearance, however we live is next to Yan Mountain Hotel apartment building ...

The most pain is that the original guest in the room did not retire. 10 o'clock in the morning more to go, until 2 o'clock in the afternoon more than live on ... TAT

Test machine when found the topic is NOI 2014 of the original problem? However Konjac Konjac does not do >_>

Day 1

CTSC first try, read the title Konjac Konjac directly frighten silly, had to write violence.

The first question thought, wrote a Floyd cheat points, however ... I am very naive that the relationship between people is very simple ... so did not award heavy edge Qaq, finally happy to roll thick.

The second problem finds the smallest data range directly $o (n^2) $ violence can be! Eh, just copy it all over again, it's very simple and rough, and then happy to roll ... Because all the data have $x,y \leq 10^8$ so I did not open long long with int is to die ...

The third question ... After I have done not face the Jiangdong elders ah ... Ruler gauge Drawing what Ghost Qaq, early forget ... All looked again, found that only the first will do, each time by 2, eh easy to add happy to write, found only 1 points ...

However, after the completion of this found there is a $\frac{1}{2^{10}}$ can do = = then only 2 points oh da ...

Later found $\sqrt{22}$ can hand play = = But everyone played 10 points, only I naive only 9 points Qaq

Finally, the accuracy of the error is particularly small (such as the integer part of the correct) a little bit cheat hand ...

The result is a test only 22 points.

The harvest is: Know the big data is to take to shoot of ... Although violence cannot be solved within a limited time, it can be used to test the correctness of a violent procedure!!


To listen to a reply today ~ a big wave of the suffix automaton 2333 konjac konjac no suffix automaton 2333 listen to the half-day also did not understand 2333

However, the teachers still seem to be interested in the physical problems of Csy God Ben's information contest, but I don't know the physical knowledge of the 0.0 I'll go back to play with the mud. 鏼 as WC, continue to generate functions ... Infinite ORZ;VFK is set power series, is to inherit the title of cancer ...?

However, in the afternoon to visit the National Museum, more than half time for car sickness, and a half time to walk ... Actually did not see how many things = = with curiosity and reverence to see the "Road of revival" large-scale exhibition, but let me have a look back to the long-lost middle school history textbook feeling ...


CTSC second Test, because Konjac Konjac in the WC, as well as the first test of CTSC when all silly to take the answer points, so decisive to see the answer ... However instant scare cry, finite state automaton?! Read the 10-minute question did not understand exactly what to do ... Konjac Konjac is still too weak, roll to do the first two questions, look at feeling like network flow, but not ... Decisive only wrote $o (2^n) $ violence = = 10 points to be determined, the second egg hurts for half a day, always thought he would write ... Think about the weakening version of the topic: No dynamic operation, then is a greedy ... But will not promote Qaq so had to pq+set all kinds of mess, try to get 10 points of violence ... (because there are O2, so all kinds of stl not afraid of T-spicy 2333) But this time with the 2000 of the big data shot = = (first try dozens of points of the painful lesson) so there should still be quite hopeful to get ...

However, the answer to the first question at the beginning of the output, has been strange how to Output 1 0 and 1 1 ... However the first 1 is actually the output length I forgot and then found that the 6th point is a completely binary tree, want to use a dictionary-like way to engage in ... Kneeling, however, it seemed as if all the points of S were 2, i.e. only 0 and 1 were transferred (however no eggs were used), and later found that the previous data points seemed to be transferred to the INF and 1 combinations, that is, should be as far as possible to choose 1? However Konjac Konjac does not write ... There's not much time left at the end of the game. Tat just wrote a transfer plan, found a set of feasible solutions, got 1 points ...

The final second Test score is 10+10+1 ...

In the afternoon to listen to 6 into 4 of the reply, God Ben English level really scare me, I feel like I went wrong to the venue of the English speech contest ... lyy god Ben seems to be CTSC Day2 a comeback? Nu take Rank1, broke the Zhejiang people to the national team monopoly ... (However, these are not very much related to Konjac konjac ... Teacher du good meng da = = at ordinary times teachers and parents in the cultural class to put pressure on him he can also take time to compete and become the national team ... Really infinite YM......LJC god Ben seems to be a little unprepared to look like = = May itself be more introverted? or is it because the RANK5 directly abandoned the treatment ... It feels like the judges ' teachers ' questions about the last two contestants are not a style for the first four? "You took the rank6, give me a reason to choose You" "Pat your chest, you and dyh which strength is stronger?" ”...... I'm so drunk.

At night to Uoj cluster >_< after a democratic vote decided to eat hot pot, and then the nearest choice of "Fragrant Emperor hotpot", Konjac Konjac play the height advantage of the first found the Billboard = = then everyone excitedly go to the past to find ... It's the big row of breakfast stalls.

The first time I met POPOQQQ&TKD god ben the real person = play who is undercover, the second inning because of the total number of people, two rounds down everyone has no word ... Finally, the undercover June himself can not see down the active jump inside (what ghosts jumping inside) Everyone eat a pretty high, TKD, Gromah, POPOQQQ and a CTSC gold master have eaten "special dishes"-Stinky tofu ... The scene is so beautiful I dare not look


To be bored and decadent = =


Apio first day lectures, the first is Zhonghaoxi god Ben talk about probability problem ... Orz, and then talked about heuristic search and H-function? However, the PPT background is black What also can not see clearly, afternoon talk object-oriented really drunk, suddenly feel apio lectures mainly to long insight ...


Apio exam, however did not give me to eat and drink qaq test to fast 12 point when already hungry become silly forcing more silly, but the back of the time a point have no ... (Finally, I gave a loaf of bread and a bottle of water ...). Actually, I want the qaq.

Three questions are only violent points, total score 134 actually just line AG I was also drunk


Ngong...... Today's Apio lecture off >_> with zyf&lct1999 two god Ben (thigh) Group A team to Beijing University to participate in the School ACM Competition mixed eating and drinking. However, the start time seems to have some problems, some teams have started to do the problem, but the game did not start ... So there's a 0-minute, 21-second victory over a bloody deity. 0.0

Get the problem after the division of labor is ZYF god Ben cut a problem, I and ML together to translate other questions ... Suddenly found that I problem seems a bit like replacement? Cyclic decomposition? Discussed with two teammates, suddenly found that seems to have seen before the original problem, but zyf god Ben do not agree, refused to write ... However Konjac Konjac code is too weak to write Qaq but in the wall crack recommendation God Ben finally agree to think about ... Then because of my negligence, did not remind him of the output format problem, WA a few hair qaq, but successfully won the second question ...

Then a variety of decadent ah = = Feeling are all kinds of God problem can not do ... B Question Tetris What a ghost ... ml God Ben Thought for a long time ... I said that I think C ... Think of it as if I could divide it? However, it will not do ... is off-line, by the number of days divided, in the first half of the time was deleted by the side in the latter half must appear, so add to the next half of the interval, and then you can delete the operation removed ... becomes the connectivity of the dynamic maintenance graph with only the plus edge? The amount of or can be persisted and the search set? ZYF God Ben Code ability is strong, however various re ... Later found that it is my problem: the subject of multiple sets of data qaq, and then there are k=0 pits. At last...... Finally tle 2333, then ml God Ben put forward by rank merger and search set! The first time to write feel good tall Ah! However, the original is a size, small to large in the merger ... However, in a random image, run fast = = 9 times after the last ac! Feel excited!

But Konjac Konjac can't hold it anymore ... The whole man fell down again, but the two thighs and two God-mates soon got a problem (h) = = Konjac Konjac always thought it was a monotone queue ... However, can not think of how to maintain the interval of small, the result of two gods Ben with line segment tree + card constant 艹, really infinite ym, on the ACM format of the importance of the thigh. The ranking finally fixed to 22, the end of the game. However, the subject of the test after the examination changed the data poor evaluation = =c problem of the pit was filled with a lot of ... It's not cool ... It's hard to get through ... How can you do that? The rankings fell Tatqaq

The game came up with two methods (good fun >_< finally able to catch up with God Ben Some) (but do not write, sure enough or weak, on the harm of the mouth players), ZYF god Ben The main code hand and ml God Ben cut H, ml God Ben two times the god of the sword, save the write but a not off the embarrassing environment.

Teacher Lu teacher Chen (XUDYH,VFLEAKING,WJMZBMR) Three God Ben Group A team of decisive abuse field (but then it seems that the ranking became the second?). SAD). E question as 10 questions in addition to a problem through the number of the most, on the first page almost every team is a, but the three of us do not calculate the geometry ...

The rain in the afternoon back to the People's Congress, thought in front of us to walk the god Ben are going to the lectures, but in fact only three of us went ... See Tsinghua man all kinds of show Lota, as well as all kinds of dinner ...

At the closing ceremony, mhy God Ben and sister with a microphone 233

The first time in life to receive the prize ah very excited (>_<) scared I can not walk

Night back to the dorm to play for a while, pack up the next thing.

The main harvest is to learn and check the correct posture, and with big data on the correct posture, there is a DIJ topological sequence dp method = = But then the next is NOI ... There are two months ... The last struggle >_< everybody refuels!

"CTSC 2015" & "Apio 2015" soy sauce kee

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