Curl Upload failed

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Curl upload failed, help
I use the code on the example to upload the file, the program is not wrong, but the Tomcat folder does not have my uploaded files, I would like to ask you what the solution.
Here's My Code
Static size_t read_callback (void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb, void *stream)
size_t retcode = Fread (PTR, SIZE,NMEMB, (FILE *) stream);

return retcode;


In the main () function
CURL *curl;
Curlcode Res;
int HD;
struct stat file_info;

HD = Open (Local_file, o_rdonly);
Fstat (HD, &file_info);
Close (HD);

HD_SRC = fopen (Local_file, "RB");//local_file->d:\\t.txt

Curl_global_init (Curl_global_all);

Curl = Curl_easy_init ();
if (Curl) {

Curl_easy_setopt (Curl, curlopt_readfunction, read_callback);

Curl_easy_setopt (Curl, Curlopt_upload, 1L);

Curl_easy_setopt (Curl, Curlopt_put, 1L);

Curl_easy_setopt (Curl, Curlopt_url, "http://localhost:8080/mp3/2.txt");//Address I have a number on my computer, this way there may be a spelling mistake

Curl_easy_setopt (Curl, Curlopt_readdata, HD_SRC);

Curl_easy_setopt (Curl, Curlopt_infilesize_large,
(curl_off_t) file_info.st_size);

res = curl_easy_perform (curl);

Curl_easy_cleanup (curl);
Fclose (HD_SRC);

Curl_global_cleanup ();


VS2008 Debug debugging above Each step is gone, but server tomcat above the file I uploaded, file 8k. Help me!

Some people say it is Tomcat directory permissions problem, I need to modify the Internet guest Write permission, but I use the XP system, where is this permission.

In addition, this is my code in the COCOS2DX, because in C + + questions No one answer, so in this direction, I think the upload part should be the same.

A parameter string (or array) for the POST method request

Curl upload is a form upload that simulates a browser

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