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Currently, few website developers do not use some JS frameworks or web UI libraries, which can effectively improve the development speed and unify the development environment, you do not need to worry about the compatibility of different browsers. With these advantages, you will use these frameworks or libraries.

This article lists the most comprehensive and mainstream JS frameworks and web UI libraries at home and abroad. Many of them are familiar with jquery. Of course, there are also many unfamiliar users. You can learn about their respective advantages and disadvantages through this article. Maybe you can find something better to use!

Almost all rich web applications are based on one or more web UI libraries or frameworks, which greatly simplify the development process and bring consistency and reliability, and highly interactive user interfaces. This article introduces 15 very powerful JavaScript web UI libraries, which are very suitable for the development of rich Web applications of various sizes.


Livepipe UI is based on the prototype JavaScript framework and contains a complete set of strictly tested and highly scalable UI controls. It has good documentation and can be seamlessly degraded and used in environments that do not support JavaScript. Including tabs, forms, text boxes, multiple selection boxes, scoring controls, progress bars, scroll bars, right-click menus, and other controls.

LivepipeHome Page and download
LivepipeDemo and example


Uki is a simple JavaScript UI tool set for quickly creating desktop-style Web applications. The included control ranges from the slide bar to the column view. Developers familiar with jquery will find this tool very easy to use, very simple, no need to install the framework, does not rely on CSS reference.

UkiHome Page and download
UkiControl, demo, Example


Mochaui is a popular extension of the mootools JavaScript framework and javasercanvas. It can be used to quickly create Web applications, Web desktops, websites, ornaments, independent windows, modal dialogs, and so on.

MochauiHome Page and download
MochauiControl, demo, Example

Chinese compiling Source:Ruishang enterprise CMSWebsite content management system official website

Sigma Ajax UI Builder

Sigmavisual is a set of web-based, WYSIWYG Ajax UI creation tools, including more than 40 invisible tools, such as tab, dialog box, tree chart, and timeline, based on JavaScript and PHP.

Sigma Ajax UI BuilderHome Page and download
Sigma Ajax UI BuilderControls, demos, and examples

Jxlib based mootools

Jxlib is a javascript UI framework based on mootools. It contains the basic space required by most web programs, such as buttons, tabs, menus, tree structures, and dialog boxes. Jxlib also supports skin replacement.

JxlibHome Page and download
JxlibControls, demos, and examples

Dijit-the dojo Toolkit

Dijit is based on dojo and is also a good starting point for learning dojo extensions. It can be used to create a very beautiful Web 2.0 GUI. Supports multiple languages, even writing directions, localized numbers, and dates in different languages.

DijitHome Page, download
DijitControl, demo, Example

Jquery tools

Jquery tools is a very lightweight (Kb) Common UI library that supports the following jquery objects, tabs, tooltip, scroll bars, layers, forms, and Flash nesting.

Jquery toolsHome Page and download
Jquery toolsControl, demo, Example

Jquery UI

Jquery UI is based on jquery and contains three categories: ornaments, some built-in UI objects; effects, animation effects (such as explosion effects) on various web objects; mouse interaction, such as drag-and-drop operations.

Jquery UIHome Page and download
Jquery UIControls, demos, and examples

Prototype UI

Prototype UI is based on prototype and script. aculo. Us. It consists of multiple modules (carousel, modal window, shadow, right-click menu, etc.). Each module can be installed and used independently.

Prototype UIHome Page and download
Prototype UIControls, demos, and examples


Jitsu functions include xml tag, page compilation, animation engine, Ajax, and runtime detection. Its Ajax function makes creation of consumer-level Web applications very simple and supports client data binding, you can also compile the page into JavaScript, and Jitsu runs best in Firefox and IE.

JitsuHome Page and download
JitsuControls, demos, and examples


Qutensil is still under development, but its roadmap has shown some compelling things, based on prototype and scriptaculous, including messages, color palette, slide bars, tooltip, drag-and-drop windows and warnings, confirmation, prompt, and other windows.

QutensilHome Page, download
QutensilControl, demo, Example

Script. aculo. Us

Script. aculo. Us is a popular UI tool set. Based on the prototype framework, it provides visual effects, UI controls, and Dom-oriented tools.

Script. aculo. UsHome Page and download

Alloy UI

Alloyui is a set of functional UI frameworks based on Yui 3 and partly based on Yui 2. It contains a set of rich (over 60) UI parts, titles library, dialog box, tree structure, and panel, automatic completion, buttons, calendar controls, toolbar, etc.

Alloy UIHomepage and download
Alloy UIControls, demos, and examples

IUI: iPhone UI framework

IUI contains a set of JavaScript libraries, CSS style tables, and images. It is a lightweight iPhone UI library that provides functions such as iPhone style navigation menus, device orientation, and iPhone style switching, it can bring iPhone-like experience to your web applications.

IUIHome Page and download


Xui is a lightweight, simple, and highly modular framework for mobile Web applications. The reason why it is very lightweight is that it only supports mobile browsers, and all code supported by cross-browser is stripped away. It targets first-line mobile Web browsers, such as WebKit, fennec, and opera, and intends to provide support for mobile IE and BlackBerry in the future.

XuiHome Page, download

Yahoo! Yui Library

Yahoo! Yui library is the father of all web UIS. It is reliable and has rich functions and has been developed to version 3rd. It has a very large development team and has released a wide range of features, which are unmatched in terms of features.

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