Curriculum Design Personal Report--design and implementation of Android dating software based on ARM experiment box

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Familiar with the function of each component of the test chamber and the Connection Assembly test chamber

First, the contents of the experiment

Study the connection of the serial port and USB cable of the experiment box

Second, practice step 1, open the experimental box, first understand the function of each component

  • This is the LTE module, also known as 4G module, the specific role is the hardware will be RF, baseband integrated in a PCB board, the completion of wireless reception, transmission, baseband signal processing functions. The software supports the functions of voice dialing, SMS sending and receiving, Dial-up Networking, etc. The RF section includes:
    RF Transceiver
    Power amplifier
    Duplex device
    The baseband section includes:
    Power Management Unit PMU
    Digital signal Processing unit (built in Bbic)
    Memory, including NAND FLASH and DDR SDRAM
    In a word, you can use a 4G network of SIM cards, and you can turn your tablet into a mobile phone.

  • This is the GPS, and we usually use the same positioning, after the next can make the tablet has positioning function, in fact, his real intention is to enable our software to increase the user positioning function, to facilitate the appointment of the two sides to learn more about each other's information.
  • A series of connecting lines
    These wires connect the experimental elements so that they can work together. Note here the way of connection, many lines have the same excuse but the function is not the same, to be differentiated.

  • The tablet body has a switch on the side and can be turned on or off. There are many excuses on the side to achieve a variety of functions. The system is an Android system, but the old Android system, about six or seven years ago, is not updated, and the interface is not working.

    2. Connect the components correctly
  • It took me more than half an hour to connect all the components together.

    Iii. problems encountered in the experiment and their solutions
  • The first problem I encountered was the connection error. Because at first do not understand the principle of work, so in the LTE module above the power supply interface and USB interface problems, I think a part of the responsibility should be the board above the superscript problem, because it marked the power mark in the middle of two interfaces.
  • There is a similar to the projector interface to the wiring of the Blue line, this should be inserted in the computer above, we started to think it is useless, because there is no need to connect the projector, so the problem is ignored, then you can use the normal.
  • Static electricity is unavoidable, directly resulting in the operation of the tablet computer failure, the specific performance of the finger touch screen without feedback. Previously solved this problem is the direct restart, but repeated operation on the machine is not good, so I will start before the touch of metal, and then operate the tablet. I set the screen time to half an hour because the computer doesn't seem to have a wake-up key.
  • Unable to network the problem, the factory standard configuration does not have a network card, the general laptop is built-in wireless network card, the desktop can be plugged into the network cable, but if the desktop computer wants to connect wireless network, you have to use the wireless network card. We started using our own network card, found that it is not possible, because the tablet's Android system does not support the driver download and installation features. After discussing with the classmates we contacted the teacher, received the factory sent the original network card, from then can use WiFi.

    V. Design experience and Harvest

    Through this experiment, I first familiar with the function of the test chamber components, understand the connection method, and later encountered similar functions of the components when I believe I can correctly install and solve some problems. I also enriched my knowledge by exchanging ideas with my classmates, such as how to set up an experimental environment, how to install a database, how to implement our functions on different platforms, including PCs, including tablets, and even experiment with our own collection and modulation developer model. I've harvested a lot.

Curriculum Design Personal Report--design and implementation of Android dating software based on ARM experiment box

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