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These days, constantly have not too familiar with the computer friend asked me: "is not MSN Chat content is very easy to peek AH?" "They are worried about the problem mainly from the MSN sniffer such as" peeping "tool. Not only that, if you do not know enough about the local area network, think that only open "Network Neighborhood" access to other people's shared folders, then there will be more risk!

LAN, you still dare to chat?!

Lan the most famous eavesdropping tool, is the MSN sniffer, a scary thing, the boss can use him to monitor the staff of MSN Messenger chat records, who also dared to work time and mm brighter? You may say, MSN Messenger is not good, then I change QQ is! In fact, QQ is not safe, but now there is no tool to intercept QQ chat records in the LAN, but there are tools to intercept the QQ number inside the LAN.

MM attention, if the day you in a certain Internet café QQ, on the on the people add you, estimated this person is in this Internet café! Because he sees you look beautiful, then uses a QQ sniffer software to obtain your QQ number ...

Example: Avoid MSN information being peeping

MSN users can easily and directly from the Chat window to open the "Whisper" service function, to encrypt chat. Actions are as follows: Click the "View Activity List" feature in the dialog box, select "Whisper" feature, invite the dialog to use the encryption service, in the two sides of the dialog box will appear in the new dialogue area "whispers", the message will be sent encrypted.

For the use of various clever way to get the QQ number in the LAN, there is no good way to deal with, but this harm is not small, at most, mm or handsome more than a few suitors. And that MSN Messenger chat record LAN eavesdropping problem is more serious, we are not likely every chat with the "private" function, you can use a "Simplite for MSN Messenger" tool, chat records for long-term encryption.

The first step: Install Simplite for MSN Messenger, after installation software automatically open the Configuration Wizard, during which you need to choose your network connection type, please follow the actual situation (such as direct connection), SOCKS 4 agent, SOCKS5 Proxy, HTTP proxy, and then select the Chat tool, which supports encrypting MSN Messenger, Windows Messenger, Trillian, Gaim, and so on, of course we choose "MSN Messenger".

The second step: next to the encryption aspect of the setting, all the way "next", when the "Assigning a PassWord", enter the password you set, then complete the wizard (see Figure 1).

Step three: Call your chat with the person who also installs Simplite for MSN Messenger, and do the wizard to complete the above. Run the software, select "File→log in", enter the password, and so on status bar display "Ready" when the proof online successful. At this point, you can start chatting with MSN Messenger, the software will prompt the two sides to confirm the password before the start of the chat (see Figure 2).

Small tip:

After each chat will need to run Simplite for MSN Messenger, and enter the password you set up before, it will automatically open MSN Messenger. So you don't have to be afraid of monitoring, others are monitoring to just a pile of garbled, and only you know what to talk about.

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