Custom controls that can be scaled TextView

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Project requirements, some textview if more than two lines, need to hide, there is a picture on the right, click can open to see all the content, you can also click contraction.;ImportAndroid.content.Context;;Importandroid.text.Editable;ImportAndroid.text.TextUtils;ImportAndroid.text.TextWatcher;ImportAndroid.util.AttributeSet;ImportAndroid.view.View;ImportZIVIXGROUP.COM.SKILLTEMP.R;/** * can stretch TextView * Created by George.yang on 2015/8/7. */ Public  class stretchtextview extends TextView implements View. Onclicklistener {    Private intMaxLines =2;Private BooleanIsspread;//Stretch status    PrivateOnclicklistener Listener;Private intSpreadheight;//height at unfold     Public Stretchtextview(Context context) {Super(context);    Init (context); } Public Stretchtextview(context context, AttributeSet attrs) {Super(context, attrs);    Init (context); } Public Stretchtextview(context context, AttributeSet attrs,intDEFSTYLEATTR) {Super(Context, attrs, defstyleattr);    Init (context); }Private void Init(Context context) {setellipsize (TextUtils.TruncateAt.END);//superfluous to become ...Setmaxlines (MaxLines); Addtextchangedlistener (NewTextwatcher () {@Override             Public void beforetextchanged(Charsequence charsequence,intIintI1,intI2) {}@Override             Public void ontextchanged(Charsequence charsequence,intIintI1,intI2) {}@Override             Public void aftertextchanged(Editable Editable) {postdelayed (NewRunnable () {@Override                     Public void Run() {if(Getlinecount () >= maxLines) {Setcompounddrawableswithintrinsicbounds (0,0, R.drawable.ic_details_more,0); }Else{Setcompounddrawableswithintrinsicbounds (0,0,0,0); }                    }                }, -); }        });Super. Setonclicklistener ( This); }@Override     Public void Setonclicklistener(Onclicklistener L)    {listener = l; }@Override     Public void OnClick(View view) {if(Getlinecount () <maxlines) {return; } isspread =!isspread;if(Isspread) { This. Setmaxlines (Integer.max_value); This. Requestlayout ();if(spreadheight==0) {Setcompounddrawableswithintrinsicbounds (0,0, R.drawable.ic_details_more,0); Postdelayed (NewRunnable () {@Override                     Public void Run() {spreadheight = Getmeasuredheight ();                    Resetdrawable (); }                }, -); }Else{resetdrawable (); }        }Else{ This. Setmaxlines (MaxLines); This. Requestlayout ();            Spreadheight = Getmeasuredheight (); Setcompounddrawableswithintrinsicbounds (0,0, R.drawable.ic_details_more,0); }if(listener!=NULL) {Listener.onclick (view); }    }Private void resetdrawable() {drawable drawable = getresources (). getdrawable (R.DRAWABLE.IC_SHRINK_UP); Drawable.setbounds (0, spreadheight/2-drawable.getintrinsicheight ()/2, Drawable.getintrinsicwidth (), spreadheight/2+drawable.getintrinsicheight ()/2); Setcompounddrawables (NULL,NULL, Drawable,NULL); }}



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Custom controls that can be scaled TextView

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