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Jquery.validate.js is a front-end form form check plug-in, specific details can be Baidu.

Jquery.validate.js not only contains some commonly used front-end checksums, but also provides convenient custom verification methods for expansion.

front-end built-in self-tape check:

Required:true Required Fields
Remote: "Check.php" uses Ajax methods to invoke check.php validate input values
Email:true input must be in the correct format for e-mail
Url:true input must be in the correct format URL
Date:true the date the input must be in the correct format
Verify format only, not validate validity
Number:true input must be a valid number (negative, decimal)
Digits:true input must be an integer
CreditCard: The entry must be a legal credit card number
Equalto: "#field" input value must be the same as #field
Accept: "Gif|png|jpg" Enter a string with the legal suffix name (the suffix of the uploaded file), between multiple suffixes with ' | ' Separated
Maxlength:5 enter a string with a maximum length of 5 (Chinese characters are counted as one character)
Minlength:10 enter a string with a minimum length of 10 (Chinese characters are counted as one character)
RANGELENGTH:[5,10] Enter a string that must be between 5 and 10 (Chinese characters are counted as one character)
RANGE:[5,10] Input value must be between 5 and 10
Max:5 input value cannot be greater than 5

Min:10 input value cannot be less than 10

Custom Checksum method:

Common Regular Check example: only allowed to enter Chinese or letters

$.validator.addmethod ("Chineseandletter", function (value, Element) {
		var score =/^[a-za-z\u4e00-\u9fa5]+$/;
		return this.optional (Element) | | (Score.test (value);
	}, "Please enter Chinese or letter");

Set parameters for auxiliary checksums based on script invocation validation method Example: Verify the length of the input content (two bytes in Chinese) single parameter

JQuery.validator.addMethod ("ByteLength", function (value, Element,param) {
		var length = "";
		var Regu = "^[a-za-z\u4e00-\u9fa5]+$";
		var re = new RegExp (regu);
		if ( (re)!=-1) {
			length = Value.replace (/[\u0391-\uffe5]/g, "AA"). length;
		return this.optional (Element) | | (length >= param);     The arguments passed in Parm:js when the method is called, for example: Bytelength:4  
       $.validator.format ("Please enter at least {0} bytes (2 bytes in Chinese)");

Front-end script passes in multiple parameters

JQuery.validator.addMethod ("Byterangelength", function (value, element, param) {var length = Value.length;                     for (var i = 0; i < value.length i++) {if (Value.charcodeat (i) > 127) {                 length++; } return This.optional (Element) | |   (length >= param[0] && length <= param[1]); The front-end script passes in multiple parameters, Param[0] takes the first incoming parameter;

PARM[1] takes the second argument passed in

Front-end Script Call modification method: Byterangelength: [2,10]

$.validator.format ("Make sure the value entered is between {0}-{1} bytes (2 bytes in one)");

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