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customizing send messages
Have a function, do not know how to start, ask you greatly advise!

Do is a reminder function:

For example, now there is a record in the database, it is necessary to send the message at a specified time. What do you do?

1, the way to remind:
• Mail, first consult the mail.
2. Reminder Time:
• A point reminder (that is, a certain day of the month of the year)
• Daily reminders (i.e., a certain time of day)
• Weekly reminders (that is, a certain time of week of the week)

1. The timing function reaches the condition

2. Read database records

3.send mail message directly to the time Post/get to SMS interface

What do you not know how to do it? Three one-piece processing. You need a more detailed reminder to use Linux for better processing.
You guessed right.
PHP itself does not have the possibility of timing, unless the script is started in the Task manager, or when someone visits your website to trigger
I do not visit your website to see who you remind
Do you want to make a Web mail subscription? At least there is an email address, otherwise you send the mail to who ah.
Prompt for triggers or to access a database at a time when writing to a program
Timed access to the interface you wrote under Linux
Do the script and run it automatically!
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