Customer selection principles for New System promotion

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The new system is very fragile in the promotion phase. If you choose not to try out the customer, it is easy to bring more obstacles to the new system. So what principles do we need to select trial customers?

We use the following models to analyze our customers: willingness and needs.

Willingness-customers with low demands tend to be conservative, while those with high demands are too radical and easy to be attacked, especially when the demand cannot be met. A person with Low willingness and high demands can easily sit there waiting for you to fulfill all his needs. People with high willingness and low demands can easily try new things and change their habits. Such people are easy to get started with new things.

When Windows XP was just launched, it was obvious that there were several people. One is for people who stick to Windows 2000 or 98. They will say how good Windows2000 is. Another kind of systems that like XP very much has been replaced by the 2000 system since then. They are basically people with low demands. Many people say that they are not used to XP, so they do not like XP. This type is basically a low requirement and willingness.

In general, it is best to select people with high willingness and low demands for new product trials. Such customers will soon use the product and provide suggestions for improvement. This is very beneficial for trial and promotion. What they often see is the excellent features of the product, rather than being picky everywhere. The proposed solutions are also improved. These are all very good.

People with high willingness and needs may not be able to quickly meet their needs, so their enthusiasm may be compromised and risks will increase.

After the above analysis, we will find that in the process of change management, we often encounter these four types of people. It is very important to make good use of their characteristics so that they are relatively smooth in the process of change. The following table lists some solutions that can be improved together.



Change Plan

Low willingness and low demand



High willingness and low demand



Low willingness and high demand



High willingness and high demand



Informatization is essentially a process of change. informatization is only a means, and the key is the change of work methods. In this process, we should understand human nature, so as to better guide our transformation work.

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