Customize right-click menu-Guide to registry usage

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Customize right-click menu-Guide to registry usage

There are many shortcut commands in the right-click menu, which greatly facilitates your daily operations. However, it is impossible for the system to integrate all the commands you want to use into the right-click menu. Sometimes the commands you need do not exist at all, so we can only add them by ourselves. Let's take a look at several examples of Adding quick commands. As long as we grasp the basic method, we can bypass the class and add other commands.

Add "Close computer"

Generally, we can click "start"> "Shut down the system"> "shut down the computer"> "OK" to shut down the computer. In fact, there are simpler methods. Open the Registry Editor, find the "hkey_classes _ Root \ directory \ shell" primary key, create a primary key named "close", and double-click "default" on the right of the window ", enter "Close computer" in the "key value" column ". Next, create the next level sub-key "command" under the "close" primary key, double-click "default" on the right of the sub-key window, and enter "runedll32.exe user" in the key value column. EXE, exitwindows ". After that, right-click the Start menu and you will see the "Close computer" option. You can also right-click to add the "Restart computer" command.

Add "Quick View"

In the Registry Editor, find the subitem "hkey_classes_root \ *", create a new primary key in the right window, and set its name to "Quick View ", double-click the "default" value of the subkey and enter "*" in "value data". After the modification, right-click the menu and you will see the "Quick View" item. You can directly view files in many formats without starting other software.

Add "open in New window"

Sometimes we need to repeatedly click "up" or "back" to switch between different windows. In fact, we can add the "open in New window" command in the right-click menu to simplify the operation. In the Registry Editor, expand the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ directory \ shell" primary key, and add a new primary key under it, named "openw ", set the "default" key value to "open in New window ". Access openw”to create a new master key, named "commandid", and enter "cmder.exe % 1" in the "reschedule access" key field ". Close Registry Editor and restart the computer. The settings take effect.

Add "Calculator"

A friend who often uses the system calculator for computation certainly wants to quickly start the calculator through an effective method. Open the Registry Editor, right-click "hkey_classes_root \ directory \ shell", create a primary key under it, and name it "Calculator ". Double-click "default" in the window on the right, enter "Calculator (& C)", right-click the "Calculator" branch, and create "C: \ WINDOWS \ calc.exe" under it ". Close the registry and right-click the start button to view the calculator in the pop-up menu.

Add Send option

Sometimes we need to classify and manage various documents, and it is very troublesome to find the Copy location every time. In fact, we can use the "send" folder menu to quickly copy the files. The method is to select the target item to be added (ApplicationProgram, Peripheral hardware, folders, etc.), create a shortcut, and then copy the shortcut to the C: \ WINDOWS \ sendto folder, this option will be added to your "send" menu later.

Add the "Clear recycle bin" option

Apart from the "recycle bin", the "Clear recycle bin" command does not exist in the context menu of other files, so we can add it. Create a primary key "{645ff040-5081-101b-9f08-00aa002f954e}" under "hkey_classes_root \ * \ shellex \ contextmenuhandlers" and exit the Registry. When you right-click any file, the shortcut menu has an option of "Clear recycle bin.

Delete right-click Command

Open Registry Editor, find "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ menuext", and delete them.

Delete An application legacy project

Sometimes, after an application is uninstalled normally, some unnecessary projects are left in the right-click menu and you also need to delete them. "Items \ * \ shellex \ contextmenuhandlers"; if the project is only valid for the folder, it is stored in "hkey_classes_root \ directory \ shell" and "hkey_classes_root \ directory \ shellex \ contextmenuhandlers ", you can also find "hkey_classes_root \ Folder \ shell" and "hkey_classes_root \ Folder \ shellex \ contextmenuhandlers" and delete them.

Chinese right-click Command

Sometimes, when you right-click a program, some commands in the pop-up context menu are displayed in English. If the English is not good, it will be "confused ". In fact, they can be written in Chinese. For example, if you right-click a web page and select "Download all by NetAnts" in the menu after installing the network ant financial, you will find that it is a bit different from other Chinese options. The solution to this issue is to open the Registry Editor and locate "HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ soft-ware \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ menuext \ Download & all by NetAnts ", right-click the "download & all by NetAnts" subkey and choose "RENAME" from the shortcut menu ", the "download & all by NetAnts" subkey becomes editable. You can change it to "Download all by network ant". Press enter and restart the browser. The Chinese content takes effect.

Right-click a file Class Object and choose

Expand the "hkey_classes_root \" branch, right-click the "shell" primary key, and select the "New/primary key" command in the pop-up menu, rename "New Key #1" as "open Word 2000 ". Right-click the "open Word 2000" primary key, select "New/primary key", and rename it "command ". Select the "command" primary key, double-click the left mouse button in the "default" text under "name" in the right window, And in the "key value"
Enter the full path of winword.exe, such as "D: \ Program Files \ Microsoft Office \ winword.exe", and press the "OK" button to close the registry editor.

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