Customizing the HttpClient tool class

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public class Customhttpclient {private static String TAG = "Customhttpclient";p rivate static final Commonlog log = Logfact Ory.createlog ();p rivate static final String Charset_utf8 = HTTP. Utf_8;private static final String charset_gb2312 = "GB2312";p rivate static HttpClient customerhttpclient;private Customhttpclient () {}/** * HttpClient Post method * * @param URL * @param namevaluepairs * @return */public static String Post Fromwebbyhttpclient (context context, String Url,namevaluepair ... namevaluepairs) {try {list<namevaluepair> params = new arraylist<namevaluepair> (), if (namevaluepairs! = null) {for (int i = 0; i < namevaluepairs.length; I + +) {Params.add (namevaluepairs[i]);}} Urlencodedformentity urlencoded = new urlencodedformentity (PARAMS,CHARSET_UTF8); HttpPost HttpPost = new HttpPost (URL); httppost.setentity (urlencoded); HttpClient client = gethttpclient (context); HttpResponse response = Client.execute (HttpPost); if (Response.getstatusline (). Getstatuscode ()! = HTTPSTATUS.SC_OK){throw new RuntimeException ("request Failed");} Httpentity resentity = response.getentity (); return (resentity = = null)? Null:EntityUtils.toString (Resentity,charset_utf8);} catch (Unsupportedencodingexception e) {LOG.W (TAG, E.getmessage ()); return null;} catch (Clientprotocolexception e) { LOG.W (TAG, E.getmessage ()); return null;} catch (IOException e) {throw new RuntimeException (Context.getresources (). getString (R.string.httperror), E);}} public static string Getfromwebbyhttpclient (context context, string Url,namevaluepair ... namevaluepairs) throws EXCEPTION{LOG.D ("getfromwebbyhttpclient url =" + URL); try {//HTTP address//String httpurl =//"Http:// Pget.jsp?par=httpclient_android_get ";  StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder (); sb.append (URL); if (namevaluepairs! = null && namevaluepairs.length > 0) {Sb.append ("?"); for (int i = 0; i < namevaluepairs.length; i++) {if (i > 0) {sb.append ("&");} Sb.append (String.Format ("%s=%s", Namevaluepairs[i].getname (), Namevaluepairs[I].getvalue ()));}} HttpGet Connection object HttpGet HttpRequest = new HttpGet (sb.tostring ());//Get HttpClient object httpclient httpclient = Gethttpclient ( context),//Request HttpClient, obtain httpresponsehttpresponse HttpResponse = Httpclient.execute (HttpRequest);//Request Success if ( Httpresponse.getstatusline (). Getstatuscode ()! = HTTPSTATUS.SC_OK) {throw new RuntimeException (Context.getresources ( ). GetString (R.string.httperror));} Return entityutils.tostring (Httpresponse.getentity ());} catch (ParseException e) {//TODO auto-generated catch Blockthrow new RuntimeException (Context.getresources (). getString (R.string.httperror), e);} catch (IOException e) {//TODO auto-generated catch blocklog.e ("IOException"); E.printstacktrace (); throw new RuntimeException (Context.getresources (). getString (R.string.httperror), e);} }/** * Create HttpClient instance * * @return * @throws Exception */private static synchronized HttpClient gethttpclient (Context cont EXT) {if (null = = customerhttpclient) {httpparams params = new Basichttpparams ();//Set some basic parameters HTTPPRotocolparams.setversion (params, httpversion.http_1_1); Httpprotocolparams.setcontentcharset (params, Charset_utf8); Httpprotocolparams.setuseexpectcontinue (params, true); Httpprotocolparams.setuseragent (params, "mozilla/5.0" (Linux; U Android 2.2.1;en-us; Nexus one build.frg83) "+" applewebkit/553.1 (khtml,like Gecko) version/4.0 Mobile safari/533.1 ")//time-out setting//timeout for fetching connections from the connection pool */connmanagerparams.settimeout (params, 1000);/* Connection timeout */int connectiontimeout = 3000;if (! Httputils.iswifidataenable (context)) {connectiontimeout = 10000;} Httpconnectionparams.setconnectiontimeout (params, connectiontimeout);/* Request timed out */httpconnectionparams.setsotimeout ( params, 4000);//Set our httpclient to support HTTP and HTTPS two modes schemeregistry Schreg = new Schemeregistry (); Schreg.register (new Scheme ("http", Plainsocketfactory.getsocketfactory (), Schreg.register)), the new scheme ("https", Sslsocketfactory.getsocketfactory (), 443);//Use thread-safe connection management to create httpclientclientconnectionmanager conmgr = new Threadsafeclientconnmanager (params, schreg); CustoMerhttpclient = new Defaulthttpclient (conmgr, params);} return customerhttpclient;}}

Customizing the HttpClient tool class

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