Customizing the menu bar (Uibarviewcontroller)

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1. appdelegage.m file   Create Self.window with view   (1) initialize window Self.window = [[UIWindow alloc]initwithframe:[uiscreen mainscreen].bounds];  (2) Initialize menu bar Uibarviewcontroller *tabbar = [[Barviewcontroller  alloc]init];  (3) Create a view of the window Self.window.rootViewController = tabar;  (4) Let the window appear on the first window [Self. Window  makeykeyandvisible] * Build a class that inherits Uibarcontroller   in the class implementation file (. m)   (Create a method)-(void) creatchildcontroller{     //Initialize all the sub-controllers  homeviewcontroller *home = [[HomeController alloc]init];  —————— Add a theme to the status bar     First method (set theme)   Home.title = @ "Home"   Second method    home.tabaritem.title = @ "Home"; home.navigationItem.title = @ "Home";  ———————— add a background image to the status bar Home.tabBarItem.image = [UIImage imageName: @ "ImageName"];      Click Yes, Change of picture UIImage *selectimage = [UIImage Image: @ "imagenameselect"];home.tabbaritem.selectedimage = [selectimage imagewithrenderingmodealwaysoriginal];  ——————— Add a navigation bar Uinavigationcontroller  *navigationcOntroller = [Uinavigationcroller alloc]initwithrootviewcontroller:home];  ————————— added to the menu bar   [self addchildviewcontroller:navigationcontroller]  *********************** (used after encapsulation)  *************        ——— The method used after the encapsulation//title   (indicated by the navigation bar and menu bar theme)// imagename (for the menu bar default picture), That is, the initialized picture//Selectedimagename (indicates that the menu bar is printed after a click)//Setup represents a function name//CHILDVC initialized class name   -(void) Setup: (Uiviewcontriller *) CHILDVC title: (NSString *) title Imagname: (nsstring *) ImageName Selectedimagename: (NSString *) selectedimagename{//Set properties of the controller * * Set the title of the status bar//Set the topic of the status bar Childvc.title   = title; ChildVc.tabBarItem.image = [UIImage imagenamed:imagename];

UIImage *selectimage = [UIImage imagenamed:selectimagename];
ChildVc.tabBarItem.selectedImage = [Selectimage imagewithrenderingmode:uiimagerenderingmodealwaysoriginal];

Package a navigation controller
Uinavigationcontroller *nav = [[Uinavigationcontroller ALLOC]INITWITHROOTVIEWCONTROLLER:CHILDVC];
[Self addchildviewcontroller:nav];

Customizing the menu bar (Uibarviewcontroller)

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