Cut from A, paste into B's large file, midway if the stop file will not become fragmented

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Let us know this through the following experiment:

1. The computer has a 23G two 3D movie "Avatar" and "Dragon Tamer".

2. Copy the two films to a mobile hard disk dedicated to the purchase of the movie, directly connected to the TV broadcast.

3. Because 3D film occupies a large space, all xiaoming do not want to keep in the original computer, and the use of cut paste to the mobile hard drive.

4. In this process, it takes about 30 minutes for Xiao Ming to increase to 4 hours due to the operation of other programs. And Xiao Ming has urgent need to shut down the machine immediately, and the film has not finished cutting.

5. If xiaoming clicks Cancel Now, will the file being cut be divided into the computer and the half of the mobile hard disk?

6. Xiaoming clicks Cancel, finally found that the file is being cut back to the computer, the mobile hard drive did not come over, very good to protect the integrity of the big movie.

Results: When xiaoming clicks Cancel, there is a change, the display is being canceled, this process is the system will cut to the hard disk part of the return to the computer, do not rush directly off the machine and from the Task Force shutdown process. So as long as the correct operation, later everyone in the cut large files do not worry about the cancellation will destroy the integrity of the file.

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