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This page tries to collect all kinds of code related to Cv,ar, such as no special declaration, it is C + + code. is still the standard, do not seek comprehensive, only quality.

If you have a specially recommended code, please leave a message on this page, or email me: Cvchina at

General Purpose Libraries/general Library
    • OpenCV

No need to say much.

    • Ravl

Recognition and Vision Library. Thread safety. A powerful IO mechanism. Contains AAM.

    • CImg

Cool one image processing package. The entire library has only one header file. Contains a PDE-based optical flow algorithm.

Images, video io/image, videos IO
    • Freeimage
    • DevIL
    • ImageMagick
    • Ffmpeg
    • Videoinput
    • Portvideo
AR related/augmented Reality
    • Artoolkit

AR Library based on marker

    • Artoolkitplus

Enhanced version of Artoolkit. A better attitude estimation algorithm is implemented.

    • Ptam

Real-time tracking, SLAM, AR library. No need for marker, templates, built-in sensors, etc.

    • BazAR

AR library based on feature point detection and recognition.

Local invariant features/local invariant Feature
    • Vlfeat

Currently the best sift open source implementation. The Kd-tree,kd-forest,bow implementation is also included.

    • Ferns

Feature point recognition based on naive Bayesian bundle. High speed, but high memory consumption.

    • SIFT by Rob Hess

Sift implementation based on OPENCV.

Target Detection/object Detection
    • AdaBoost by Jianxin.wu

Another adaboost implementation. Training speed is fast.

    • Pedestrian detection by Jianxin.wu

Fast pedestrian detection based on centrist and linear SVM.

(approximate) Nearest neighbor/ann
    • FLANN

Currently the most complete (approximate) nearest open Source library. It not only realizes a series of search algorithms, but also includes a mechanism to automatically select the quickest algorithm.

    • ANN

Another approximate nearest neighbor library.

    • Scenelib [LGPL]

Monoslam Library. Developed by Androw Davison.

Image Segmentation/segmentation
    • SLIC Super Pixel

Use simple Linear iterative clustering to produce a specified number, approximately evenly distributed super Pixel.

Target Tracking/tracking
    • Tld

Target tracking algorithm based on online Random forest.

    • Klt


    • Online Boosting Trackers

Online Boosting Trackers

Line Detection/line Detection
    • DSCC

A straight line detection algorithm based on unicom domain connection.

    • LSD [GPL]

A gradient-based, local line segment detection operator.

Fingerprint/finger Print
    • Phash [GPL]

Multimedia file hash algorithm based on perception. (Extract, compare image, video, audio fingerprint)

Image Retrieval/image Retrieval
    • Libpmk

Pyramid Matching algorithm implementation.

    • Vocsearch

A simple vocabulary tree implementation.

Visual significance of/visual salience
    • Global contrast Based Salient region Detection

Ming-ming Cheng's visual significance algorithm.

    • FFTW [GPL]

The fastest, best open source FFT.

    • Fftreal [WTFPL]

A lightweight FFT implementation. The license is the highlight.

Audio Processing/audio Processing
    • STK [Free]

Audio processing, audio synthesis.

    • Libsndfile [LGPL]

Audio file IO.

    • Libsamplerate [GPL]

Audio resampling.

Cv&ar Library

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