CVBS, S-video, ypbpr, Analog RGB, DVI, and HDMI

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CVBS: the baseband signal of the composite video (or the hidden and synchronized compound video ). Compound videos are usually yellow
. It integrates brightness, color, synchronization, and color pulse information into an electric device.
It is a widely used standard, also called baseband video or RCA video. It is a traditional image data transmission method for TV signals of the National Television System Commission (NTSC). It transmits data through analog waveforms. The compound video contains color difference (tone and saturation) and brightness (brightness) information, and synchronizes them in a hidden pulse and transmits them with the same signal.
In a fast-scanning ntsc TV, the very high frequency or ultra high frequency (UHF) carrier is used to adjust the amplitude of the composite video, which makes the generated signal about 6 MHz wide. Closed-circuit television systems use coaxial cables to transmit compound videos at close distance. Some DVD players and video recorders (VCR) provide compound video input and output through pickup sockets.

S-video (y/C): the brightness and color content can be separately transmitted. Separate the brightness information from the color difference Signal
To greatly improve the image quality, which is the connection of S-video in today's home theater.
Why is the system popular. The connector is the S terminal.
The Component Video, also known as ypbpr, is a simulated version of The YCbCr digital video. In this video,
Each brightness and color channel is separately extracted and output, and each path has its own time series. This is
This ensures the high quality of the simulated transmitted images. Components are connected to cinema system components, such as DVD
And A/V receiver.
Analog RGB (VGA): With separated red, green, and blue signal channels. This provides a metric-like
However, it is generally used in the field of computer graphics and images, while the main application of component videos
For consumer electronics. The RGB connector is a db15 connector.
DVI (Digital Visual Interface) interface, that is, digital video interface.
Currently, DVI interfaces are divided into two types:
One is the DVI-D interface, can only receive digital signals, interface only 3 rows, 8 columns A total of 24 needles
Pin in the upper-right corner. Incompatible analog signal.
Another is the DVI-I interface, which is compatible with both analog and digital signals. Compatible with analog signals and
It does not mean that the analog signal interface D-sub interface can be connected to the DVI-I interface, but must pass through
A Conversion connector can be used. Generally, graphics cards using this interface will carry the relevant conversion connector.
HDMI, full name of English is High Definition Multimedia Interface, Chinese name is high definition
The abbreviation of a Multimedia Interface. This API is currently available for new products, such as film and TV products.

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