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1. CVs user management
1. Login
CMD: Enter dos.
Set cvsroot =: pserver: administrator@[project name]
CVS Login
Logging in to: pserver: Administrator @ 2401:/cvsroot
CVS password :_
After the password is entered, the logon is successful.
Administrator is the management user of the operating system.
2. Add a user
The CVS user is actually the alias of the System user. multiple CVs users can be designated as the alias of the same system user. Therefore, first create a system user. The permission should belong to Users Group, for example, create cvsuser.
Next, create a CVS user named AAA.
CVS passwd-a-r cvsuser aaa
Adding User test1@
New Password :_
Create a new password for the AAA user, and generate a passwd file in the cvsroot folder. The file contains the login information of the Repository user, including the username AAA you just registered and the encrypted password.
Now, the user is successfully added. Next, use test1 to log on. So,
Set cvsroot =: pserver: aaa@
CVS Login
After successful logon, the user AAA is successfully created.
3. delete a user
Use commands
CVS passwd-x aaa

You can.

4. Change the User Password

Use commands

CVS passwd [user name]

Prompt to enter both sides of the new password

New password:

Verify password:

You can.

Remember that the above operations are completed after the Administrator logs on, that is, the user is created as administrator.

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