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When the Cwrsync is installed under Windows, the Sync password file is also set up, and when the synchronization is performed, the problem described by this title is encountered:

"Password file must is owned by root running as root"

My solution is to find the server (if you have installed the 4.05 version of Client server consolidation, go directly to the bin directory under the installation directory) to find out if there is a Chomd.exe file (such as E:\Program files (x86) \icw\bin path) , and then open cmd under the current path (you may need to elevate permissions).

If the above program download inconvenient to the cloud habitat community Download, download the address Here are 4.10 versions, which are theoretically available.


chmod-c 600/cygdrive/e/pass.txt (Note that you also need to perform chown administrator/cygdrive/e/pass.txt below)

Where/cygdrive/e/pass.txt represents the display path below Windows E:\pass.txt, make sure to convert to this style!

You will see the following feedback indicating that adding new permissions has been added to the password synchronization file
Mode of '/cygdrive/e/pass.txt ' changed to 0600 (rw-------)

Followed by continued execution:

Chown Administrator/cygdrive/e/pass.txt

At the same time the command has no feedback information

This will proceed smoothly with my sync command:


RSYNC-UVZRTOPG--delete--progress/cygdrive/e/backup root@

Get feedback information:

Building file List ...
8 Files to consider

This way, performing the synchronization commands for rsync under Windows will be very smooth.

Later, when I looked at the security properties of the corresponding password sync file, here is a screenshot:

Illustration 1: We can see that inheritance is turned off, with the addition of special permissions for three users, and the owner becoming administrator.

and special permissions are set in the following information

Illustration 2: All of the permissions for the file.

It is important to see that the synchronization tool relies on permissions, while making it easier for users from Linux and UNIX to implement Windows above, and to easily add to their familiar CHOMD, chown windows compilations.


20130616 Additional notes:

Because of some unknown reason, you may also experience the appropriate error prompts after you manually add permissions, which, after observation, will add an account called none under some versions of Windows, and if you encounter a manual add failure, use the command to chmod the permission again.

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