CX8505 Synchronous Step-down car charger led drive Solution

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CX8505 single-chip synchronous buck regulator. QQ 2892715427

Provides continuous 3A load current within the input voltage range, with fast transient response and uninterrupted overcurrent detection in the current control mode,

Features such as soft start, low voltage protection, over temperature protection, overcurrent protection, current only 0.3μa in standby mode


3A output Current, 4A peak current

Input voltage range 4.75v~30 V

Internal set rate MOSFET switch tube

Adjustable output voltage between 0.925v~20v

Up to 95% efficiency adjustable soft-start time

Application areas

Distributed Power Systems

Network system

Notebook PC

The CX8505 is a 350KHZ fixed-frequency PWM Buck-DC converter

CX8505 Synchronous Step-down car charger led drive Solution

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