Cycling 318, 2016.7.16

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Because said before, live in Batang what Fat elder sister 5173 There is really sucks, and that is not the outskirts of town, I said how to listen to others said Batang than Litang good, "on the road people say the words are mostly blowing" Litang than Batang much better, eat and live line are also good a bit like "Encounter Inn except" ....

Because today is a person, so are relatively self-conscious, early 0.0 will be teammates called "Chao" wake up, eat in the morning also steamed egg porridge, but happened to meet in Chengdu Boer service station in Zhejiang, I remember to ask him is a college student, the big Few don't remember, unexpectedly he still remember me ... But they run pretty fast, play for two days, it is here, I come here as if, I was a day ahead of him, then met, he also bought nothing, from Zhejiang back a small satchel come over, in this side buy equipment to buy bicycles to find teammates, of course I will not say let them pick me what, I still have teammates, Say hello to a few words on the difference, almost 9 points before starting, because the toilet less you understand the "basic large to be resolved in the morning, or big noon or something no place for you to solve, of course, there are also some people running behind the woods trees ...." After all, we went to college <, and when we were in a hurry, I sure didn't care > ", buy some water, the kettle is full, OK. Because is a person too urgent, pack things when the Apple data line with the charger landed in this fat sister 5173 here = =, really distressed ...

Departure 114km, Batang to Mangkang, out of town money checkpoint about several kilometers, along the way to the right side of the car, and we retrograde 66666, soldier brother, not the first time, with headphones, downhill, and fly, that feeling is simply haha, a lot of self-driving are watching us skip, take pictures of what have. The staff was very friendly and helpful. ~ There is a sense of accomplishment, but the most handsome or for others to praise the action. Past checkpoints as always: with the soldier Brother Tashi Delek, of course, usually have a response, unless others are not very good or busy what. A gentle slope to a drawbridge doesn't know what it is. Here comes the car with the rider to take pictures here, I also took advantage of drinking saliva, taking a photo, would like to go on the film, of course, will inevitably be asked before those questions, boy you a person? Where to start, when to start, how long to go, where? Have you always been riding a bike?

See that the bridge is a little thought of the Long march, and the bridge over here is the Tibetan world haha.

Then here is the Dian-Tibet line and Sichuan-Tibet line of Convergence Point, Dian-Tibet from Kunming to here, Sichuan and Tibet from Chengdu to here.

After the Jinsha River is the Tibetan world, "Jinsha and what Jiang Confluence, color just like that ... 】

Because of the uncivilized tourists a lot, I do not explain why this brand, I only hope that the reader, can treat 318 this road plants a milestone "A 4444 milestone was dug home after the road was repaired."

Then the bridge is not far away there is a rest station, but also a check mouth "Note here to show ID card, I was first checked ID card, I thought joking, the result annoyed "Here, I met the two Guangdong high school graduates who lived together in Batang, and rode really fast!!! And a lot of things, riding very easy "If you can adjust the brakes and speed, physical and good, the road is not difficult, the first two most important"

Basic back of the road is not very steep, in this side after a few arch in a canteen stop rest, met a big uncle, chatted up, learned, cart little prince with him, uncle looks not very old, riding that small speed shift car 14 inch So, said the little prince is resigned, the body may not enough money, pay late hair, Then uncle wants to sponsor him 300, whether he can still, first of all appreciate his courage or something, the back feeling began to blow Said he had been here before, the result broke the rib two years did not ride a bike, this year to complete, "I listened to a probably, because I have no experience to listen to, the big sun, water and not enough", then I go to fetch water, Uncle first set off, I hit the waters to see the little prince come up, but uncle told me that I did not tell him, Come on. Just keep up, about ten kilometers noon is too hungry, stop, buy a bottle of Red Bull, add some food strength, and so on, in the grocery store and met before the team of Zhejiang, really destined, but they still eat, I will say hello, supply play continue up, this time, uncle and the Little Prince also came up, but I don't hurry, I'm alone now, and then follow them, the little prince was also dumped in the back, because chat with uncle can also, later on he rode aside to chat, not very soon, after the flat slope there is a section of uphill, there is a break is repaired, very difficult to go, and just I cross this section of the road when the rainstorm, simply born no love ah there is no!! And very big, the road to look at my bike used to be sad ... The road is very muddy, I almost dumped in the mud .... And before the puncture tire did not fix should be "the rear wheel has been a leak, I panic all the time ... Afraid of uncle did not come up without pump I can not go "not to Mantell on the heavy rain, out of the Mantell, the road is better, but the tire has been kneeling, in this side met a Guangdong's eldest brother first did not know is Guangdong, I thought he ran the business, the result is out to play the" back know ", but he did not ask so He has a pie here to eat a cake to chat with me, feel different, with the people who met before, I also said carefully, ask me how long it will take, I certainly say 8 o'clock this, because to wait for uncle, not wait for sure to go quickly, and the back did not fix the tire special trouble. When uncle come, I borrowed a uncle pump, at first he was afraid I soiled the pump, pump him with clothes put together. Later on the onlookers, the elder brother is recognized is Guangdong, special how I did not recognize, listen to accent I also can not hear, then Uncle said he xxx, I also, incredibly is a fellow, the same place, he in the city I in county, and then uncle his attitude moment good many, It's not much to say, moved, fellow aged Township Back on a start this section of the road, flat slope section, the rest is the big slope, very big, crawling to nausea The pseudo-Wu Kou is very. Cheat not to, every time cheated have to stop to rest, but after the first pseudo-Wu Kou, my rear wheel is not, see a man in frontThere is a pump, and stop to rest, or the cart, I have the power to catch up to borrow a pump, but this ah run up also quite fast, always catch up, forget in riding I eat something to drink water and so on uncle, but I saw uncle in the hillside when the cart, pseudo-wu mouth or a bit cold So I ran and stopped, met the Hubei university students, this buddy in here waiting for teammates, as if teammates are Hunan, that is, before the Hunan couples, borrowed a pump, stop rest and so on their teammates, by the way, and then I do not want to run so fast, and so on with them to Mangkang, at least a care " It's because it's late in the evening to Mangkang ... 】

Car put opposite, people sit on the opposite side to brag chat haha, today's Mountain City Zongla h4190m. They are in Hunan that a pair of teammates also run fast and very casual, the team of fat run can also run with me before, they are in front to eat watermelon so slow!! That is, the army brother out there, generally 318 road will have a small card open to sell fruit, the price can be, after all, this land, I know the watermelon 5 a catty ~ .... And then ran with the Hubei Boys, But the couple in Hunan run very fast on the swish to our front to go missing 0.0. They two villagers chat I and he a teammate run front chat and eat things, because the Hubei small fellow with no strength, their teammates have a really can't call people, called cattle, uphill are fly up 0.0, see Front also have picnic, for now tired and hungry, days And will black us, is simply a critical hit!!! In the lower corner of the fence next to rest to eat, at that time we do not understand the above is the Wu Kou, know to turn a corner, see just that pair of Hunan couples. Had the power to run up. But because there are still two teammates did not come up, so we wait here, behind the uncle also come up, carts ... Couples ride the car to the wind down to pick up teammates, teammates to play motorcycles up 0.0. "His teammates luck is also very good, the Tibetan small family killed cattle, his father will not let him carry other people on the load of teammates up, the following eight or nine people on the load him up, and only 40, there is smoke and Le Hu almost 666666."

Everyone in the back put on a raincoat or something and went down the hill together.

Because the brakes are not very good, I also have no way to pull a line, hard down, the basic also does not brake, and then with their teammates to go down, the back of the checkpoint here to wait, but in this side of the inspection will be heavy rain, and the teammate did not wait for other people to continue to run down, I heard that they have a teammate in front of the first to book a room, plus my own data line lost, mobile Phone no electricity, also rushed not, so rest assured follow him "but never thought no room." Then he left turn right, walk to the main street, 16 Mangkang still in the fiber-optic cable What, the main street in repair, coupled with heavy rain, my body is soaked, a thought will go to live place also no matter, but with him go wrong, back to Sheep Horse Road Inn, seems to be called this, but no room, The boss said can add bed but I asked their teammates, immediately be opposed, I think even a little bit of thinking, forget, ask for yourself, then put on the second floor of the car on the carry out, in the 1 floor to find live, finally no way can only live Tibetan guest house, because the single room to 200+ it, the whole thousands grass mud horse , because before the Mangkang side of the landslide road does not pass. Many self-driving jams here, accommodation in place from ... In the Guest house is what Nimazasi, the name is very long Tibetan, on my a Han's 0.0 .... Because the registration time looked more, 15/night, quadruple room, no bath, toilets are all shared, with a Tibetan flavor ... If the average person really can't stand it .... Then go out to buy a data line, 23 points more nothing to eat, buy a bubble noodles, ham sausage, spicy bar, a bottle of beer, back to do their own, because today is too uncomfortable, things are on the trailer, "The car pushed to the room, the room on the second floor", the Tibetan past will always be curious to glance ... It's so disturbing that even a big boy can be a bit of a party. After all, the first time is also a person and so late to live this place, eat full and drink enough to put things put, and then the car blocked the door, afraid of what will happen at the party ... But it was 3 o'clock in the evening. Embarrassed.... But here the front desk that little girl quite say, ask road, take slippers are very happy, so I am also willing to talk to her more, talk about our central plains. But she's been here all her life, doing business, getting married, having children, doing business. In turn, she did not consider going out far, only the current stable life, she and her mother live together. Other did not ask, to a mobile phone to buy data line, met a Anhui's wife, and I chatted for half an hour, but I was hungry, estimated to be able to chat to the next day, is really a lonely woman, it is terrible!!

But think of this experience, showers with others to find the room, there is no living, the car is faulty, tie the tires, brake bad, everything is wet, was rejected, almost fell mud, night and live this thriller place It's a life without a love, nothing to love. A restless night just passed by. Dirty, and not in the mood for a stay in the evening photos are not sent ... Shen People!!!

Cycling 318, 2016.7.16

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