D-LINK DI-7200 broken router, we suggest you do not buy dlink

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I have been using a tplink router. After receiving a project, this Organization has no network management service. I think tplink is generally a low-end product. dlink is a high-end product in the industry. Will it be better? The network is unstable in the future, so I recommended this company to buy this broken di7200. But I don't know what the nightmare is. At the beginning, many websites won't be able to get connected. I think I have encountered this problem when I used tplink for 6 to 7 years, I called dlink's 800 service phone number. A so-called engineer took a call and asked me to adjust the value so that I could try it, really fucking believe him (Here I just want to use this word, such people actually stay in dlink, harm), did not do a good job for two days, online query, in this way, my dear friend and I have solved the problem by following his methods. The network is ready, but as long as an employee downloads things with thunder, the entire network will collapse, the route cannot be accessed, and the system I have built is even more complete. People in this company blame my software for making them unable to access the Internet, because they used to download it with thunder, previously, it was a tplink route. I am really a dumb man to eat huang lian, but I can't tell why. I recommended it (they bought it) and eventually it was my software that made them the present situation, it's crazy.

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