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[Italian] Da Vinci

Dear Grand Master, I observed and thought about the experiments performed by those who impersonate the inventor of combat equipment and found him
The invention is no different from what we usually use. Therefore, we are eager to look for your secret, but we do not have any prejudice against others.
I. I can build a light, strong, and convenient bridge. Yes
It can also be used to chase and defeat the enemy. It can also be used to build strong bridges to defend against enemy artillery fires and attacks. This kind of bridge is very convenient for loading and unloading, and I can also burn and destroy enemy bridges.
2. siege
In the pool, I can cut off water from the trenches and make float bridges, yunti and other similar devices.
3. A terrain is too high or indestructible, so it cannot be attacked by artillery, as long as its
The foundation is not built with stones. I can destroy every bunker of it.
4. I can also create a light and easy-to-handle cannon which can be used to cast small stones,
The smog sprayed out of the group can cause the enemy to panic and suffer heavy losses and cause great confusion.
5. I can mine tunnels in any designated place, whether straight or curved, without sound,
When necessary, it can be dug under trenches and rivers.
6. I can create an iron and armor truck equipped with cannons to break through the most intensive teams of the enemy and open a safe channel to attack the enemy's infantry.


7. If necessary, I can build beautiful and practical artillery, mortar, and Other lightweight ordnance, different from what I usually use
8. When you cannot use a cannon, I can replace it with a slingshot, a stone throwing machine, a trap, and other devices with remarkable effects. Different from the common users-in short, if necessary, I can provide numerous offensive and
defensive devices.
9. If I work on the sea, I can build a variety of equipment that is extremely suitable for attack and defense, as well as military ships that can withstand the heaviest artillery fire and various gunpowder and weapons.
in the Age of Taiping, I was able to build public buildings and civil houses, provide water diversion, and confident technology would never trust others. I was also satisfied with the situation.
I am also good at Marble, brass or clay sculpture.
I am no inferior to any painter today in painting.
I am also willing to undertake the task of sculpture, copper and horse. It will add immortal luster to your late father and the famous sforreza family
and eternal honor.
if it is deemed that none of the above is not feasible or impractical, I would like to conduct a field test at any time in your garden or any other place you designate. I would like to thank you for your patience.
da Vinci
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