Daily keywords: timed shutdown, the task image is corrupted or tampered with. (0x80041321), chazd new words synchronized scallops

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I am in bed with chinanet network slow is outrageous, 12b/s. Yes you are not wrong, this is the speed I see most often. But I recently found that the computer network to open a WiFi, in bed with a mobile phone online, the speed will be a little increased, can reach 1kb/s (⊙﹏⊙) b

Night 11 o'clock school broken nets, so the computer to the night often because of low battery shutdown, long-term this is not too good. I started to set the computer to shut down automatically. On Baidu to find a simple way:

Select "Start → run" and enter at 23:50 Shutdown-s.

The problem was solved after practice. But after a few days, the computer will not shut down automatically. Wake up this morning the dormitory power outage, call after decided to study this problem again. Baidu has a more sophisticated approach, by setting the implementation in the Task Scheduler (http://jingyan.baidu.com/article/295430f1126bc40c7e00503c.html).

But just as I opened the Task Scheduler, a warning that could not be ignored was bounced: The task image was corrupted or tampered with. (0x80041321). Then I waste Dickens found a solution, after all, upgrade Windows10 back to Windows7 classmate still quite a lot of: (

Here's how to fix it:


Since this is an English website, and I am about equal to an English waste wood. So I used the stunt oh don't translate the plugin to look up the words. This plugin is called Chazd, but in the course of my use today, it is as slow as I use chinanet on the Internet in bed. The reason is not said here, directly say the solution:

Download a Chazd plugin (Https://github.com/XYUU/ChaZD) using Chrome's classmates

Open the link page and click on the crx file to download it.

After downloading, drag the plugin file into the extension to use.

Click the icon set to the Scallop Word interface, check the automatic addition of new words can sync new words.

Use the effect as follows:

Daily keywords: timed shutdown, the task image is corrupted or tampered with. (0x80041321), chazd new words synchronized scallops

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