Daily laravel-20160801| Container-4

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    /** * Register A binding with the container.     * Register a binding with the container. * @param string|array $abstract * @param \closure|string|null $concrete * @param b Ool $shared * @return void * /     Public  function bind($abstract, $concrete = null, $shared = False )    {//bind abstract con        $abstract=$this->normalize ($abstract);//Get the right normalize        $concrete=$this->normalize ($concrete);//Get the right concrete        //If The given types is actually an array, we'll assume an alias is being        //defined and would grab this ' real ' abstract class name and register this        //alias with the container so, it can be used as a shortcut for it.        //Now I say,if they give us a array with a types.        //So we need does something for it,        //If the "real" abstract class name is too long,        //We can use alias to defined the real class name as a shortcut name.        if(Is_array ($abstract)) {//Check the abstract name is a array            List($abstract,$alias) =$this->extractalias ($abstract);//A array one is abstract, and other is alias            $this->alias ($abstract,$alias);//Return the result to the alias.}//If No concrete type was given, we'll simply set the concrete type to the        //abstract type. This would allow concrete type registered as shared        //without being forced to state their classes in both of the parameter.        //I coming, if never give us a concrete type class, we'll use a abstract type.        //So they would be registered as shared.        //No forced to state their classes in both of the parameter        $this->dropstaleinstances ($abstract);//Then can drop the state Instances.        if(Is_null ($concrete)) {$concrete=$abstract; }//If the concrete is null        //If The factory is not a Closure, it means it's just a class name which is        //bound into this container to the abstract type and we'll just wrap it        //Up inside it own Closure to give us more convenience when extending.        //If the instance of concrete not a Closure.        //So it means it just a class name is used bound to a container.        //May was it is a abstract type.        //So we can use this self own Closure to wrap it.        //To give us more function when it extending        if(!$concrete instanceofClosure) {$concrete=$this->getclosure ($abstract,$concrete); }//Get the Closure, more like hooks        $this->bindings[$abstract] = Compact (' Concrete ',' Shared ');//A shared        //If The abstract type is already resolved in this container we 'll fire the        //Rebound listener So, any objects which has already gotten resolved        //can have their copy of the object updated via the listener callbacks.        //If the class name is a ready resolved in the container.        //So we'll fire the rebound listener.        /So, any objects which has already gotten resolved can have their copy        //via the listener callbacks        if($this->resolved ($abstract)) {// has the resolved            $this->rebound ($abstract);//Set the rebound}    }//Too long too not simple

Laravel-20160801| per day Container-4

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